Rubbish food   10 comments

Rubbish food

I don’t know about you but I don’t like big bins!

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10 responses to “Rubbish food

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  1. Haha 🙂

  2. So you don’t enjoy dumpster diving, I take it.

    • I think I’m too old for that. In London they call it “skipping” skips being the large containers used to dump trash in in the roadside.

      Apparently it’s an offence to take discarded items from them. Some poor devils have been charged with the offence. Imagine a society where tAking trash is a crime! If you can then you have imagined the UK.

      • Wow! It’s hard to believe taking trash can be considered a crime.

      • There are a lot of strange laws to govern the poor in the UK.

      • It sure sounds like it.

      • One of the problems with a country that legislates against the poor and has done so for hundreds of years is that a lot of the old laws are still in place.

        A perfect example of this actually produced a saying that is used today. One someone says that the other person will get what he/she wants ‘by hook or by crook’ is actually a quotation from a 14th century law.

        The rabble were allowed to gather firewood from the landed gentry’s forests but only is the stuff was dry. So you could gather it from the ground or use a hook or a shepherds crook to pull dead wood down out of the trees. If you were caught cutting or chopping fresh wood the you’d most likely lose a hand.

        Of course it was only the poor who needed to gather wood, but the poor have always been the majority so the wood was scarce and so were a lot of two handed parents struggling to keep their families warm.

        The number of discriminatory laws against the poor in the UK is in sane. Did you know the queen ‘owns’ all the swans! That originally was to ensure that only the royals ate them!

        Mad and wrong.

      • It is crazy. I didn’t know that about that phrase, either. It’s interesting. We have some crazy old laws still on the books here, too, but they’re rarely enforced. I hear some of them mentioned on the radio now and then as “stupid news” or “fun facts”.

      • I think it’s a great expression. I think you like Fantistical adventures so you may have heard of “The Prisoner” a cult TV series from the 1960’s.

        The introduction to Series One uses the experession right at the very beginning.

        Number Six: Where am I?
        Number Two: In the Village.
        Number Six: What do you want?
        Number Two: Information.
        Number Six: Whose side are you on?
        Number Two: That would be telling. We want information… information… information.
        Number Six: You won’t get it.
        Number Two: By hook or by crook, we will.
        Number Six: Who are you?
        Number Two: The new Number Two.
        Number Six: Who is Number One?
        Number Two: You are Number Six.
        Number Six: I am not a number! I am a free man!
        Number Two: [laughs]

        Most of the old laws here get used rarely too, unless they can benefit the awful royals or other land owners.

        The UK is a very unfair country. Only recently the bankers caused the recession and the poor suffered so much that the UN has recently condemmed the goverment for their austerity. Of course this was a period when the income of the super rich grew enormously.

        Although I’m not super rich I’d hate to be poor I must admit.

        Still I cpouldn’t change the UK and so left it forever.

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