When the office goes to war   2 comments

There comes a time in every office when it’s time to fight back against the silliness of middle management.

However is fighting over a pair of Thumbtacks the right time? I suppose it might be for some! But be warned these sorts of fights do escalate to the use of WMD, well in this case Sticky Notes!

Thumb Tacks

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The Cat is one of the most successful feline authors in the history of Catkind. His sharp elegant wit has produced the bestselling book ‘Getting Out – Excerpts from a Cat’s Diary’ and of course the much plagiarised gag of the same name which appears on all of the funniest joke sites on the internet.

Copies of the Cat’s masterpiece of feline literature ‘Getting Out – Excerpts from a Cat’s Diary’ and his latest wonderful book ‘The Cat’s Travelogue’ can be purchased at a bookstore near you or from the internet at Amazon.com and here for the Travelogue The Cat’s Travelogue Paperback Edition or at what The Cat calls his www – wickedly wonderful website here www.thecatsdiary.com where you can not only learn more about me the genius Cat but also play my games they are all paw picked by me and have been described as “exactly what free on-line games should be, fun, free and fantastic.”


2 responses to “When the office goes to war

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  1. BOL mum loves this kind of thing, in fact she loves signs. Not that anyone takes much notice of them. One of her favourite possessions is a laminator to make laminated signs. Sad isn’t it!

    • I too love this sort of nonsense and like may naughty dogs have collected a few for the future.

      Just like your Mum I adore signs though unlike her I don’t have a laminator, not that I have never fancied one, and therefore no it isn’t sad you cheeky old pup!

      How’s the weather? Still 29 in the shade here.

      Oh by the way I saw the picture of the Traction Engine, would you believe that I can remember them in operation threshing. We stayed on my Auntie’s farm when I was about six up in Norfolk and they used one. They also had the last retired Shire, a Suffolk Punch called Timmy, he used to let me ride him, lovely animal.

      Ah those were the days, the 50’s or 60’s I’m too old to remember which decade it was har ha.

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