Possessing only one vice is ok isn’t it?   2 comments

Only one vice is ok isn t it

So WK has one vice, it isn’t that bad is it, we all have at least one I would have thought.

Personally, and as an example I can’t get enough Prawns and can’t wait until they invent Prawn Ice Cream.

But I also love to lie on a sun drenched windowsill if a Caribbean beach isn’t available.

Then there are laps! I like a good pair of welcoming thighs to stretch out on and eventually sink my claws into when I’m ready to jump down.

Oh dear that is a couple more vices than most, but then I don’t mind. As the dreadful l’Oreal advert once said about some people who really weren’t… “I’m worth it!”

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2 responses to “Possessing only one vice is ok isn’t it?

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  1. [Image]

    Your prawn ice cream sir.


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    • You are too kind! How are you? You have been quiet. I’m just back from Mosquito filled Siberia you should see the bites, the Mosquitoes are almost leathal.

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