Muddy muddled culinary confusion   4 comments

As the heavens open and the rain turns every field to a muddy slurry it’s time for the UK to enjoy music festivals.

At these celebrations of mud and music you tend to get very hungry and can expect to get ripped off by bandits in trailers selling what passes for ‘food.’

After queuing for ages you come away from the food trailers (or do we call them food trucks now?) with an empty pocket and both hands full of something that the aproned staff, breaking all the hygiene laws of the country, couldn’t identify even before it was cooked.

Confused food Reading Festival

A Bacon roll made from 100% Best Beef just isn’t kosher! Oh hang on, it probably is!

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4 responses to “Muddy muddled culinary confusion

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  1. I’ve had turkey bacon before, but never heard of beef bacon

    • Turkey bacon, oh poor you! Who did the to you? Turkey bacon is a terrible crime against breakfast and also Liver and Bacon Casserole, I expect!

      I’m off to Siberia tomorrow for seven days and I’ll have very limited access to email, but enormous access to mosquitoes! So if I don’t respond to your posts it doesn’t mean I don’t want to.

      Have a great day,


      The Cat

      • I like turkey bacon alright. It’s a bit of an acquired taste. I much prefer normal bacon, though. Enjoy Siberia, and take plenty of bug spray!

      • I believe you about the acquired taste of Turkey Bacon, in England we have Pork and Beef sausages that is also a taste that needs to be acquired, but there are worse tastes vegan sausage and bacon I expect 😀

        We have a lot of bug spray packed and leave in three hours now. This is my third visit so I’m reasonably prepared. 😊

        Have a great weekend.


        The Cat

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