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Say what?

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4 responses to “UK ‘Fresh’ supermarket logic

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  1. BOL you defrost it, bake it and then it becomes fresh? Right. some funny ones here

    • Apparently supermarkets have a whole new definition of the word fresh and they all do it, except for an enormous German Hypermarket here. They have a very large bakery producing usually the most unpalatable bread, dreadful synthetic donuts fried and iced on site and other ‘delicacies’ and I used that word with some trepidation.

      However their ‘French’ bread is the least salty in the Czech Republic and their Rolikys (Czech for a finger type roll) aren’t too dreadful, as is a sort of almost crusty loaf which isn’t quite a bloomer type affair. It’s very difficult to find nice crusty bread in the Czech Republic or indeed its neighbours which means when we go to France it’s like going to heaven!

      Tx for the link. I loved some and probably will use them after you forget that you sent them har ha.

      I loved the picture of your good self outside the Polling Station, though I have to say you looked a little forelorne. But the red neckerchief was a nice touch.

      Oh by the way, guess what I found on the threshold of the cellar last night when I was praying for rain! Ok I was using the hose to water the garden, but rain would be nice. A frog or possibily a toad, not sure which. Nice little fella. I left the door open for him so that he could get out as he probably came in through the window and he simply couldn’t climb back out.

      He must be one of the loud chorus who have been practicing for the next Eurovision Song Contest or something similar. Goodness they make a racket worse than listening to a politician talk about stable government har ha.

      Have a great weekend.


      The Cat

  2. I’ve finally grown into bandanas, they always used to drag on the ground but now I’m grown up they seem to fit much better! Ooh frogs are funny things. We don’t see many but there was one in the garden the other evening so I’m afraid the cat got picked up and locked indoors. She catches most things and chasing a hoppy frog around the house isn’t fun.
    Have a waggy weekend too 🙂

    • Yes the bandana (sorry fashion terminology isn’t my strong point) looked great. Thanks for the weekend wishes. This time next Friday I’ll be up in the air and off to Russia, hope it rains all the time I’m away or the garden will suffer worst luck. :0(

      have a great weekend yourself.

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