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Nothing is what it seems in South Africa

Someone definitely didn’t think about this sign before they wrote it!

Or maybe customers in South Africa can park and drive through (I hate the word ‘thru,’ don’t you?) which would take some doing, but might cut down on car jacking currently a national pastime.

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8 responses to “Brilliantly idiotic

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  1. Some of our fast food restaurants here, like KFC and McDonald’s, have spaces reserved for drive-thru customers who have to wait for large or special orders, so they can park and wait without holding up the drive-thru line.

    • Same here, but it sort of contradicts the point of ‘drive through.’ The suggestion of a fast service evaporates immediately as you head to the parking zone.

      On a slightly related point I miss Wendy’s they appeared briefly in London then vanished unfortunately. I thought they were the best.

      • Yeah, it does sort of contradict the point, but better that than holding up the line and making people angry. Sorry to hear you don’t have a Wendy’s anymore. There’s still plenty of them around here, and I agree, they’re one of the best.

      • Oh now I’m envious. I suppose I will have to visit the states soon and have a Wendy’s.

        I haven’t been there for a while. But with the current welcoming committee led by the Glum One In Chief it isn’t so attractive. Still I guess I can wait a few years more.

        I hope you have a wonderful weekend, ours is amazingly sunny and going to get even hotter tomorrow.

      • Hope you get a chance to enjoy Wendy’s soon. Have a good weekend yourself. We’ve got sun and warmth along with slight chances of afternoon/evening showers and storms in the forecast.

      • Yes that would be nice. Here hot today and hotter tomorrow and by the middle of the week 32C which is ‘phew’ in ‘F.’ Can’t wait I love the hot weather. Though it makes gardening a bit of a trial. However last year I was moving herculean amounts of soil which was freshly delivered in the hot weather so now it’s just weeding and planting so nowhere near as bad.

        Hope you don’t get rained on.


        The Cat

  2. I dislike that word too lol! At first the sign threw me off but whenever an order isn’t ready they make you get out of the line and wait in your own designated spot: this one! Hehe it does seem comical. Only a cat would understand 😹

    • You know what they say “great minds think alike!” It does seem a bit daft to interrupt the food assembly line when you are told to “drive thru!” And park for your meal.

      But then I suppose some people get their own back on the world when they toss the packaging out of the window if their fast moving car in a beauty spot. It’s even happening here. A place where ten years ago there wasn’t any graffiti or litter. I always considered that a present from Communism 😀

      Ok it isn’t funny, well not very funny, but it was refreshing after the dreadful state London was in when I lived there.and still is. What is it with big cities, well apart from a lack of trash bins!

      Have a great weekend.


      The Cat

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