Lift etiquette from Vietnam   4 comments

Wow, the lengths some people will go to say, “Quiet please.”

Lift nonsense again from Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

I’ve never had a romp in a lift, I feel cheated, left out disappointed.

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4 responses to “Lift etiquette from Vietnam

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  1. Same here… about the romp in a lift that is. I think I may have taken part in the odd stomping dance though…

    • I don’t know about you I feel cheated now, not ever having romped in a lift.

      I’ve never stomped on anything either, even while dancing, oh I forgot my partner’s feet, yes I may have taken part in a stomping dance or two, though they weren’t odd really!

      How are you? I understand the weather is drying muddy puddles and ponds across the land. Here it is balmy too. I’m starting to prepare for our trip to Novoskibrisk on June 16th. Apparently there is a lot of anti-western sentiment around, even more than the last time. So it should be fascinating har ha.

      • We’re all very well… and yes, after a week of on and off rain that filled there puddles nicely, they’re drying out again. We’re hopeful that it was enough rain to make the grass grow so it’ll make lots of haylage for the horses next winter. Forecast is talking of 30-32º this weekend so I think mum and I may be hibernating indoors if it gets that hot.
        What a splendid name that is, Novoskibrisk… I shall have to go and have a google fly by.

      • I hope there are a few muddy puddles left in the shade of hedges for you to get plastered in. It makes the walk worthwhile doesn’t it.

        Here we are getting rain overnight which is very considerate of the weather and the grass is lush. Grows too fast though!

        Haylage, well I hope you get loads. I am just imagining the lovely sweet smell now in the middle of winter coming from the Haylage in the stable. Spending a few minutes trying to remember the name for the thing that horses eat hay from, begins with ‘B’ I think, oh my memory!

        Shiver! That weekend temperature sounds dreadful. Here in the centre of Europe we will be getting 23C which is nice and warm. Funny how my friends thought I was mad to move here when I said I had had enough of polluted London, the summers are much nicer than the UK and I don’t miss anything about the UK.

        I’ll be getting EU citzenship when they offer it, although now I am a permanent resident here happily.

        Yes NSK as they call it is the third largest city in Russia, it used to be fourth in the old days when Tashkent was the second largest city in the USSR. It is the capital of Siberia. The winters are -30 to -45C but currently it will be around 20C or more and rather nice.

        Sadly the place is neglected by the centralists in Moscow, the roads are even worse than the UK :0) Potholes in the deep troughs in the roads. The trams are prewar. I have seen tram rails floating in the air and bouncing as the trams approach only to be laid flat as the tram passes over them.

        As the city is west of proper wild Siberia, the proper Siberia is a two+ hour flight from NSK. But we won’t be travelling that far this year.

        So fun will be had by ‘order,’ opps sorry fun will be had by ‘all!’

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