Useful traffic information from India   12 comments

It’s best to be warned, isn’t it!

Useful traffic information from India

Even about the obvious!

If you need a laugh do go to the website of owner of the obvious sign, the Raintree EcoHotel Chennai where “you can enjoy smartly designed rooms.”

Obviously rooms are designed by someone ‘smart’ that’s encouraging! What is a little less encouraging is what they have to say about service.

“At The Raintree Hotels, we understand the essence of personalized service, that helps us take care of you in all ways possible.”

So they understand the ‘essence’ of personalised service, but nothing else, they don’t use that understanding to look after guests all of which means, to use their own words…
“The Raintree is not just any hotel, it is an experience!” Ha har!

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12 responses to “Useful traffic information from India

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  1. Sign would be better warning all those male dogs about the traffic… jeez I’m glad I’m a girl, we’ve got my friend Hintza staying with us and he seems to have to pee on every tree in sight.

    • Agreed!

      Oh and can I say I am so glad I know Hintza’s toilet habits, thanks for sharing ;0)

      Did you have a good Easter? Hope so! I also hope that you didn’t have any of that Doggie Choco rubbish, but some good old fashioned human chocolate.

      Did you get to go on any long walks? The weather here was mixed so we stayed in the garden, it needs a lot of work at the moment but is beginning to look pretty good, even if I say so myself!

      • Good morning, you’re here!! Can’t stop now because I’m whizzing off to see Hilary, my stylist. It’s mole cut season and as usual we’ll be running late if I don’t get a move on. I’ll be checking back later!

      • Hilary… not Hilary Clinton is it! I’d like to use her but she is always booked up weeked in advance.

        Don’t get shorn too closely.

      • BOL would you like to know about his other toilet habits? I think he managed 5 one day but luckily we live and walk where it’s not always necessary to pick up… lots of fields full of wheat and barley that are grateful for a little extra fertiliser.
        Yes we had a jolly nice Easter break. And definitely no doggie choc, I’ve never been allowed doggie choc, or human chocolate. Did your small human get lots of eggs to eat? I eat most stuff but to be honest I prefer a nice chicken foot or chicken neck for a snack. Yes. we did a few nice long walks – we’re trying to do more geocaching so venturing out to interesting new footpaths so hopefully more to blog about. When we mostly walk in er, *counts on paws* only 5 different places the photos get to be a bit samey after a while so not worth blogging about. Bluebell season now and Hintza is here so we are both being made to pose… together… ugh, me? sit next to him? Sigh…

      • I think we’ll let Hintza’s other habits both toliet and non-toilet remain a secret thanks! Never been much of an interest of mine, toilet habits, not like you dogs, us cats prefer to bury our malodourous offerings a bit like the tory party really. Har ha.

        No chocolate ever. No that’s terrible. My German Shepherd Dog, Ben used to like a bit of chocolate now and again, and again, and again, bless him.

        Yes Evelyn got a large egg, a collection of small eggs, a coule of packs of even smaller eggs and then a packet of lambs and the same of chickens, no feet or necks… puke! She ate a little, not much, we’ll melt the rest and cover a cake or something with it.

        She also had her first haircut. She could be heard for miles around. Your truly had to hold the screamer while the lady cut what she could. Surprisingly it looks good.

        Glad to hear you have had a few long walks. I’m looking forward to reading/seeing the new foot paths. Geocaching sounds involved, I can’t really manage the satnav and that’s the truth. Sadly I am old!

        “In my day we used maps…”

        Yes I found myself saying that recently. Hangs head in shame.

        Pictures of the Bluebells anywhere would be nice, and also Cowslips if you stumble across any later in the year. I like them.

        Well I can imagine only 5 footpaths makes walking a little tired. You should take up my suggestion and drive to swanage before the beach gets covered in bodies applying sun tan lotion. I miss the old place. We used to live in the Miller’s Cottage on the Mill Pond, damp but picturesque I remember!

        Last bit of advice don’t sit too close to Hintza I have heard about his toilet habits, and they are ‘exotic’ to say the least!

      • What? Cats bury their offerings? I think not… they may dig holes but they’re not so clever when it comes to filling them in again. Or perhaps we’ve just known cats with bad aim when they’re scratching soil with their paws.
        We’ll endeavour to get some of the photos onto some sort of blog very soon – we’ve been geocaching at Chettle and Gossage All Saints but we’ll also do some more of the Manswood bluebells which are lovely this year. Cowslips are sadly few and far between. We have a few in the garden but can only think of one place where we’ve spotted them ‘in the wild’ and they’re not really that wild there and not that plentiful. If we’d known before we moved we’d have dug some up from our old house and brought them with us. Meanwhile, we’ve made a note of Miller’s Cottage and will look it up and take some pictures when we eventually make it back to Swanage!
        BTW mum uses OS Maps – only difference is that they’re on the iPhone and mum is a blue dot, they’re absolutely brilliant. Used to be that dad would have to take mum on walks at least 3 times before she’d remember routes but now mum and me go anywhere at all! Real paper maps are way too difficult to cope with when you’re out and about, what with all the folding – that’s a man’s job!

      • Cat’s not burying their business? That’s fighting talk! But hang on what’s this ‘soil’ stuff. I don’t think it sounds like the sort of stuff to dig in. Cat’s prefer Cat Litter to dig in. It’s nice, almost always, dry and very crunchy, but best of all it more or less digs itself!

        Glad to hear you are planning a blog. Bluebell picutres would be nice.

        You can also check out Cliff Cottage on the sea front. When we lived there the closest neighbours were the public toilets a mile off in one direction and the beach huts near the town centre in the summer in the other. Now I understand that the entire area has been built on, sad.

        You can see Cliff Cottage from either Shore Road or (I think it was called) Redstone Road. We also lived in Charmouth in two places. They were both at the top of the hill, one was a cottage next to a pub and the other a great big house next to the Worldwide Butterfly Man John Gooden, who later moved to Swanage, independently of us, and was a neighbour to us in Cliff Cottage, spooky old world ins’t it!

        Yes I have heard of OS Maps, not very useful here, but they are ever so nice people. They used to send me ‘inforamtion’ rather too often, some call it spam. I pointed out to a nice man where I lived and he eventually managed to take me off their emailing list.

        I have to say I loved the read paper maps, and years ago now I had a design consultancy in London and we furnished one of their offices in Holborn.

        And with the comment ” folding – that’s a man’s job!” I’m off giggling!

  2. 😆

    • Exactly!

      • Gotta watch out for those trees

      • Oh gosh yes, trees are tricky and unreliable, especially when they are standing at the edge of the road because they are just waiting for the moment to jump our in front of you! Well not ‘you’ per se, but all of us, then again not ‘all’ of us, becasue everyone doesn’t assemble in the same place. But you might know what I mean, or indeed ‘not!’

        Tee Hee

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