A clean approach to senior care   6 comments

Like Cats, as humans get older they start to dribble and drool which is ok, even a little cute. But sadly the effects of age don’t stop there for some because begin to smell.

Happily now there is a place where the problem of odourful seniors can be dealt with, cost efficiently and speedily, with little or no harm coming to the seniors themselves.

Wash and vac seniors

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6 responses to “A clean approach to senior care

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  1. Bargain! That would have been useful when we had granny living with us before she went into the care home.

    • Tee hee.

      I have been told that my sense of humour is a little off so, showing a lot of self restraint because I really shouldn’t comment here….

      Mustn’t comment here.

      • Yes, self restraint is probably best so we won’t comment any more either… you never know who’s reading things!!

      • Oh don’t worry no one reads these things, well only Google, GCHQ, FBI, CIA, FIS and any other nosy bods.

        Actually I have just picked up my visa for Siberia again so I currently am persona grata there. Mind you I have yet to go and ‘return’ if you see what I mean! Gulp!

      • Is it a good time of year to go to Siberia? It always sounds very cold and uninviting, unless one needs some salt.

      • Oh if you are going to go to Siberia go in the summer, the permafrost is melting and midges are in full biting mode. Actually it is lovely, well almost. The Marshes come alive. You can even swim in the lakes, they are covered by billions and billions of small tow leafed plants that float on the surface and cover you from head to toe when you get out, but that’s fun right?

        No it will be warm, might even get hotish.

        Things are bad there though. The capital of Siberia is Novoskibrisk its the third largest city in Russia and the infrastructure is appaling. In the west we think a tyre popping pot hole is a big thing. Over their the tram rails stick up in the air until a tram comes by, the trams are prewar. The holes in the roads, in suburban streets would swallow your car not burst a tyre.

        And then when you leave the city and go out into the country it’s like you are in a wilderness on dirt roads just a few kilometres outside the city. Imagine driving out of London for a few miles and instead of passing Surbition you are in a flat open landscape without a sign of life in any drirection of a dirt road. And Sutton, Epsom, Esher etc just wouldn’t exist at all.

        Sounds like paradise, I know, no dreadful commuter homes but then your car breaks down har ha!

        I don’t know about salt. There are a few McDonalds and Burger Kings, some cafés have wifi in the city which I always think is odd and a bit too capitalist. But best of all you can buy all sorts of weird things which eventually become trendy, years ago I bought a continental quilt (why do the brist call them that everywhere else they are called quilts) filled with some sort of goat hair. Apparently very trendy now in Chelsea my dear! there rather cheap. Shame I can’t remember what they are really filled with, but my brain is turned to this morning’s writing session, which I better get on with.


        The Cat

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