How do you make cowboys stop?   4 comments

A Stop Sign For Cowboys In Wyoming

Of course!

Thanks to the clever people in Wyoming who use this sign a lot.

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4 responses to “How do you make cowboys stop?

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  1. BOL we were just watching a video on the dreadful Facebook ‘Whoa Shamrock’ was shouted quite a lot. It’s a viral video that you will probably find if you search on that. I think the rider would have appreciated more than one of those WHOA signs! And I think one would look pretty good at the end of our track up to the field!
    BTW thank you for the message 🙂

    • I shall look for the video in a moment of broedom, unless I forget and I do that often these days sadly, though oddly enough not small details from th past and the further back the more vivid. Brain tumor? Hmm! Never thought of that till now har ha!

      You are welcome regarding the message, I had a moment, or the mail program did, since the last big OS update Mail has behaved badly to my way of thinking in a number of ways, which I won’t bore you with.

      Mind you this time was different I think, some fool, oh dear there is ony one person who uses the laptop! Anyway as I was saying some person must have clicked the sort by column and the order changed when I checked to see if the email had gone.

      Initially I was sending it to you via where I have more email address available than I know what to do with, but Mail told em that the password was wrong, bloody wasn’t. I logged intot he site without a hitch, bloody Mail lies as well asdoes strange things, but tell Apple and they don’t care, unless you have Applecare and then they only pretend to care har ha!

      Lastly it is hot here, 21C I believe which translates to ‘phew’ in Farenheit!

      I hope your weekend is pleasant, well it’s the best you can hope for with visitors isn’t it?


      The Cat

  2. omg lmao

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