They are different in Wales   4 comments

First before the picture a little bit about Wales.

Wales looks like a small bump in the middle of England that makes England look pregnant and is roughly the size of um… Wales!

The used to have heavy industry in Wales but during the dreadful dark days of Mrs. Thatcher reign she closed all of that.

Most of Wales is ‘unspoilt’ a word that is used in England to describe a form of natural dereliction caused by places losing vast numbers of jobs when some evil old cow closes the industries.

A lot of Wales is remote and beautiful.

So that’s enough, except to tell you that I often used to go to Wales and managed to come back every time.

Not all of Wales is backward and forgotten, this for example is a Welsh cash machine!

A Welsh cash machine

Oh one last thing about Wales, the welsh don’t like people making fun of them… gulp!

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4 responses to “They are different in Wales

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  1. 😄 😄

  2. Aww shucks, it’s got double yellows next to it, how inconvenient!! Cash machines need parking!!

    • I know what you mean about the yellow lines and cash machines, you want to pull up with your JCB, smash the bastard out of the wall and be off with it without some smarmy traffic warden giving you a ticket, don’t you!

      Actually I prefer to use cash machines in shopping centres and supermarkets, the parking is easy, unless you try to park inside, ‘cos they don’t like that!

      Thanks, as always for you excellent comments, you’re quite clever for a ‘dog’ aren’t you. No disrespect intended but ‘canine’ sounds so formal doesn’t it.

      Hope I don’t have to explain that joke to your Mum! :0) ;0)

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