Is this one of Jamie Oliver’s strange dishes?   4 comments

Will the herpes be chopped

Well at least the herpes is aromatic!

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4 responses to “Is this one of Jamie Oliver’s strange dishes?

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  1. Lol. Well if one has to have it, might as well be aromatic… 😄

  2. Phew, I always steer clear of pasta… but I do like things with a good aroma, fresh green tripe, bacon, sausages… oh my, the drool is starting…

    • You had me at bacon and sausages. You keep the green tripe though!

      have you tried M&S gluten free sausages yet? I think gluten free stuff is, now how can I put this polietly, um can’t it’s crap, but I was in M&S trying to ferret out some pork sausages, they are usually in short supply, well except the venison and other ones which I am sure have titles made up by people who are bored in the M&S marketing department.

      And, sorry got lost in that sentence… but here goes again, ordinary sausages in short supply dadh de dah… and we are back, and the only Pork ones they had were Gluten Free gulp. So with courage in at least two paws a grabbed a pack and sauntered off home.

      Apparently I ran a red light and recieved the blackmail letter yesterday confirming that, it went something like this pay this sum or we’ll take points off your licence, so I paid up and now presume that if I alwasy pay up I can run as many red lights as possible!

      Back to the Gluten free sausages.. to my great surprise they were excellent, my three year old who is very particular about things like sausages ate them, I thoroughly recommend then and the next time you are in Borchester while in an episode of the ‘Archers’ do grab a pack or two… but be warned please pay for them, dogs have a bad reputation concerning the ‘lifting’ of sausages, well from the 1950’s paintings I’ve seen!

      I apologise for the random capitalisation of the words gluten and free, I just couldn’t decide whether they should or shouldn’t be capitalised so I thought I would take an even handed approach.

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