The consequences of buying cheap green tea   4 comments

When green is brown

And that’s the truth. Honest!

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4 responses to “The consequences of buying cheap green tea

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  1. So it’s just regular tea then. Mum had a sample of some extra special matcha tea and it was the greenest green you ever did see! She also saw a recipe for a matcha cheesecake and, yes, it was green… that vivid caterpillar green. Bleurgh… I think she’s put off because she once had to take bright green antibiotics and she took one without eating anything… and now she knows why you have to eat something, anything at all when the box tells you to!

    • Now that is exactly what I thought, it’s just tea and there is nothing wrong with just tea is there?

      Taking green antibiotics, oh poor Mum, not being nosey or anything but what did she have and how did she get it?

      Taking antibiotics can have interesting effects, poor Mum I think I know what she experienced and what an experience that can be.

      When I used to live in Clerkenwell I had to take antibotics, not because I lived in dirty London and I can’t recall why frankly, but anyway I had a course dispensed by Boots in Hatton Garden.

      My reaction to taking the antibiotics was rather red face making and I cringe to say it out loud so what a good job I am writing it!

      I got Thrush, and new that I needed a cream which usually ladies take for the uncomfortable condition, so I went back to Boots and tried to buy some. It is sold over the counter of course in good old unregulated blighty.

      The person behind the counter went into a long prerehearsed spiel abot who it was for , how to take it etc. When I said it was for me she refused to sell it to me because males don’t get Thrush, I very annoyed with the silly bitch and offered to flop out the offending area on the counter and show her men do get Thrush. But only (as far as I know) from antibiotics.

      Happily a nice orential looking lady who was the pharmasist joined the conversation and defended me saying that one of the side effects etc…

      Apparently you could hear my loud voice arguing with the bloody assistant across the street har ha.

      I hope that Mum feels better abou tgetting the trots while taking antibotics, oh sorry I should have been more discreet there. :0)

      • BOL you are nosey aren’t you! Unfortunately it was about 30 years ago now and she can’t really remember exactly what it was and how she got it but she thinks it could have been sinusitis? She just has the memory of caterpillar green vomit! [BOL similar effect, just wrong end] Oh blush… yes some pharmacists do know best and like to make sure you know exactly what you’re asking for! Rather fortuitous that the nice oriental looking lady stepped in and stopped you having to take such drastic action!

      • Hmm catepillar green vomit is a great way to describe sinusitis. I get it a lot, probably comes from an over active youth, I used to skin dive a lot when it was called skin diving and not scuba.

        We made our own wet suits out of shark fin rubber and made sure they stuck together with yellow tape on the seams which often came apart.

        Poor Mum I feel sorry for her recent um… ‘condition.’

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