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Devil may care deliveries Hong Kong

Currently we are suffering from the same sort of service I imagine Fook Kit Transportation Ltd of Hong Kong provide.

Our delivery nightmares are currently being provided by PPL, a subsidiary of DHL. The first time they struck with the full force of disorganisation was last year.

We were expecting a parcel and followed their tracking system which showed that they didn’t bother to deliver a parcel last November parcel on ‘the’ day, then they said it was out for delivery twice, then to cap it all they said they’d deliver it on a Saturday and didn’t turn up.

Eventually we had to go to the depot to collect our package of crockery. We waited over an hour while they tried or not to find the package.

When it was eventually produced they placed the sad tattered and bashed box on the counter. On the top it had a sticker saying something like. We threw this one about so much the contents might be damaged.

That proved to be the understatement of the year, the contents had been reduced to chippings and larger but still tiny sharp bits and pieces.

What a shame we needed it for a dinner party!

More recently we ordered another package, again PPL said it was out for delivery then the next day the tracking system announced that it had been left at the wrong depot, when contacted PPL had no idea where the expensive package was, all they could confirm was that it hadn’t been delivered. We told them to stuff it, send it back. We had decided go to a bricks and mortar shop that didn’t us them to deliver stuff!

All of which was a shame because the only mistake the online retailer had made was to make DHL and PPL their favoured carrier!

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2 responses to “Poor delivery

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  1. Haha! Is that anything like this?

    • Yes, I believe they make their deliveries!

      I have a suspicion that the people from the far east make these names up for us.

      Hope you are well.


      The Cat

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