Complicated bus arrangements in Turkey   6 comments

Turkey is a really great place to visit, if you can dodge the all to frequent terrorist attacks which are doing what they are intended to do and halting tourism.

One of the slightly more confusing sides of Turkish life is the complicated bus arrangements.

Complicated bus arrangements in Turkey

Prizes will be awarded if anyone can tell me even a approximation of what that sign means!

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6 responses to “Complicated bus arrangements in Turkey

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  1. Um…huh? *scratches head*

    • I know what you mean. Usually with most mistranslated signs you can glean some sort of meaning or sense, unless they have been translated with google translate of course, but this one has to be awarded the biscuit.

      Have a great end to the week.


      The Cat

  2. Hello Gorgeous,

    A prize you say? Lol 😂. Maybe it means be prepared to wait for a bus forever! Been there when traveling!

    • A prize! Why yes there is a wonderful prize awaiting people like you who offer brilliant suggestions as to the meaning.

      I have acquired the rights to the first ten, signed copies of Donald Trump’s ‘Book of Truths.’ We are currently waiting for the first entry.

      Sadly we aren’t expecting the tome to be completed (or even the first entry) anytime soon though so we will be awarding ‘Trump Tokens’ these marvellous things enable the user to cash them in for nonexistent healthcare, and loads of Trump merchandising all made in China.

      Bigly yours,

      The Cat

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