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I imagine that your Christmas parties are in full swing now dear cuddly readers and so I thought I would wish you all a very Happy Christmas while you can see straight and not tomorrow when you will have the Mother of All Headaches.

Happy Christmas dear cuddly readers, oh I have said that before really haven’t I!

I thought I would be a helpful Cat this year and offer a few last minute present ideas for the loved ones who are more difficult to cater for.

How about a Merry Christmas jumper?

Last minute Christmas Gifts 2

Or if that doesn’t quite hit the spot then what about this little winner?

Last minute Christmas Gifts

Yes that’s right a Polaroid multifunction toilet roll holder, and dispenser. That has to be a good one right?

However if your dear one is of a more discerning nature then may I propose a wonderful bestselling ebook, available not only right up to Christmas but well beyond.

Yes that’s right you guessed it this brilliant tome.

The Cat & Kindle

Grab a credit card, click the picture and get whizzed to Amazon and in a few seconds, depending upon the speed of your internet connection, you can solve all your last minute Christmas present problems. Did I hear a “hooray for The Cat?” I should think so! I also think I heard someone say “buy five,” but I could be wrong!


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