When is a breakfast not a breakfast?   6 comments

Answer: When it’s a Placebo Breakfast, simple!

Breakfast trials

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Trams of Prague ePub Cover 2 1 13 225x225 75


6 responses to “When is a breakfast not a breakfast?

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  1. I think we’d prefer the real thing… unless of course it felt like the real thing and had zero calories. Mum would like that a lot 🙂

    • I know what you mean! Humans are weird though, in some medical trials patients are given real drugs and fake drugs or placebos and often the ones given the placebos recover just as well as the ones given the real drugs.

      I believe that it is always ‘Patient B’ who gets better, though of course I don’t know if it is the same person in all the blind trials or indeed if one of the qualifications for taking part in the trails is blindness.

      It occurs to me that if blindness is one of the preconditions for qualifying for the trials it is why there has never been a drug developed to cure blindness and if that is the case it is not only sad but wrong on every level!

      Hope Mum is well and resisting all of the lovely treats available at this time of the year until the guilty diets start in the New Year which I believe is not only a time for dieting but also a time for making resolutions to do other things that won’t get done!

      Purrs to all,

      The Cat

      • Yes that’s very weird isn’t it but probably better for the Patient B on placebos because they won’t get all the nasty side effects of the real thing. Yes mum is very well and since December 1st she has been resisting everything in a vain attempt at making up for putting off the dreaded January diet for a whole 11 months. Well, she was actually on a diet before they abandoned me to go on holiday in February and get wed but after they came back there was always some reason for ‘starting tomorrow’ or next week or on the 1st…. and so it went, until this month. I do quite well because she lets me eat some of the things she’d ‘finish off’… and sometimes it’s an odd bit of cheese or a bit of bacon… *wags*

      • Yes agreed on the Placebo front, although some of the side effects of drugs can be useful, according to the Healthcare Industry and we all trust them as much as our politicians don’t we!

        I heard of a case the other day where, I think, (bit sketchy on the details here, but then that is nothing new is it), I think it was a Cancer drug that had a very beneficial side effect increasing the ability of the patients to make eggs, not on a potter’s wheel or anything like that but inside. I can imagine that being very useful, but only in women of course, in men it might cause all sorts of problems!

        Good to hear that Mum has been brave and diet conscious for, hmm, well what is it, checks calendar, oh yes a whole week, well done! Keep up the good work, and do add as many encouraging phrases here as you wish.

        Seriously it’s hard to shake off excess and often unwanted bits of one, isn’t it! As you may recall we moved in the summer and for a lot of the time since then as well as writing movie scripts the translator, bless him, has been digging in the garden, not sure what for and I don’t suppose he knows either, but it he has been surprisingly enthusiastic for someone who in England employed gardeners before he lived in a flat in London, and has lost quite a bit of weight. He needs to dig about another 20 gardens in my opinion but it is a good start and whenever possible I give him a metaphorical pat on the back, wouldn’t give him a real one though because he gets just a little sweaty, or as my Mum used to say he “glows” when she referred to her own perspiration!

        I like the idea of finishing off for the ‘finisher off’er’ as she might be called. Careful that you don’t put on an extra kilo or ten though because diets are no fun whatsoever are they!

        Well I’m off to lie in a window and watch the ducks negotiate the frozen lake, it helps to pass the time as my fur floats on a thermal from the radiator, gosh it is a tough life isn’t it?

        Hope your walks are muddy and the dogs you sniff interesting, though I really think you dogs should pull back on the whole sniffing business it looks pretty gross.


        The Cat

      • Well I never, fancy that! So that would mean they knew beforehand how many eggs someone made and then checked the egg number after treatment. They think of everything don’t they. Mum’s just told me I don’t make eggs because I’ve had my bits removed… that’s a shame because I love eggs, raw, fried, scrambled, all delicious. We have lots of garden available for digging if your translator runs out of gardens to dig.
        The sniffing thing is polite in the dog and cat world… I have to confess that sticking my nose up Pickles bottom isn’t the best thing in the world, cats do make the stinkiest… er, perhaps I’ll leave it there. I ate one once and it was absolutely gross.
        I see a new post arriving so I think it’s time to go now, it seems we have a lot to do in the run up to Christmas. *wags*

      • Yes the whole eggs business is a little disgusting. Sorry to hear your bits are missing, but it makes life a lot less complicated so you are better off there.

        I sort of misunderstood your comment about “I have to confess that sticking my nose up Pickles bottom isn’t the best thing in the world, cats do make the stinkiest… er, perhaps I’ll leave it there. I ate one once and it was absolutely gross.” At first I thought you had eaten a Cat once, but I got the sense of it in the end tee hee. You’re far too nice to eat a Cat aren’t you? Aren’t you? Gulp!

        Yes Christmas is a busy time, good luck with everything you have to do, don’t forget the Turkey!


        The Cat

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