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Look what turned up in my garden over night! I have been trying to clear the hidden builder’s rubble that comes with every renovated house and get the garden ‘straight’ and it looks like my efforts have met with the approval of some passing wild life.

Oh Deer

I’m not sure but as the hoof prints are under four inches long I believe that either one or two young deer decided to stomp all over my garden and help me get it level.

Poor things might have got a shock though because if they strayed too close to the house the movement sensor controlled lights would have come on. Although knowing Deer, as I obviously don’t, I’m a Cat for goodness sake, they probably thought that a party had just started, because they then proceeded to dance all over the rest of the garden.

Happily they didn’t jump on the car in the drive or do any damage, but better still the garden is more or less empty of plants currently as we move several tons of grot that the bastards who did the house up, oh sorry I mean ‘builders’ buried for us to find when we decided to dig in the garden, all of which means that the Deer will probably not have been able to snack on anything green, so they might well go home, tell their friends “not to bother jumping into ‘that’ garden, you know the one that belongs to The Cat because he just doesn’t know how to grow juicy plants.”

What a shame that the motion sensor cameras are still not working, reasons I’ll keep for another blog I expect, or I would be posting mug shots of the visitors!

Anyway I have to go because I am just about to go and put piles of nice flavoursome carrots in several neighbour’s gardens so that any nocturnal visitors can discover just how worthwhile it is to visit their gardens and give mine a miss in future. Who said “Clever Cat!”

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