All the rage in Novosibrisk!   2 comments

Admittedly it’s cold in Novosibirsk in the winter, -30C odd is cold by anyone’s standards but would the cold persuade you to wear these?


And I only want answers from my female readers please gentlemen and cross dressing government ministers and cabinet members!

Although I’ll admit a size that is XXXXL would fit even my largest gender confused reader wouldn’t it?

If you are interested in the brand, well “Chuangyahe” is ‘Yellow River’ in Russian. It’s nice to see that a Chinese product sold (hopefully) only in Russia has the rest of the text and I can assure you the washing instructions on the obverse written in English, probably adds a little caché to the entire endeavour I imagine.

Oh…! Like me have you just noticed that the ‘model’s’ navel or the seam of the ensemble, for want of a better word though ‘bloomer’ came to mind, is really rather off centre. Actually on closer inspection neither the seam nor the navel are in the middle of the torso, what a sad tortured model that poor (hopefully again) lady must be!

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2 responses to “All the rage in Novosibrisk!

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  1. The photograph alone tells 1 million stories. The Nabel being off-center from the seam and then the large bump down at the bottom tells me that someone is very excited about the underwear Lol “yellow river” must be their “thing” hat har

    • You are so right about the stories in this picture, and I expect I could make up a few more too boot.

      I’d noticed the rather large lump in the pubic bone area, or “nethers” as they refer to that general area “down below,” in Yorkshire, but I was rather too shy to mention it. What a good job I have you to do that for me and then allow me to continue, tee hee.

      Actually when writing this it suddenly occurred to me that the ‘model’ might actually be a mannequin, it would explain a lot, though I have to say I think I may have dated someone once with a body not unlike the one in the picture, but happily not wearing the knickers, oh dear what have I said, she was wearing knickers, and a different pair most days… hmm I think I’ll shut up here.


      The Cat

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