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It’s obvious that the local authority ad that asked for a road sign painter didn’t specify “spelling ability required.”

Do what

Still we all make spelling mistakes these days but thanks to spell checkers we just don’t worry too much about spelling words correctly because usually the spell checker picks up the mistake, or in my case mistakes, but as you can see there are times when spell checkers aren’t there to help! Like when you are painting a road sign for example!

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4 responses to “Strange instructions on the road

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  1. Easily done… I think it’s probably best that whoever painted it didn’t notice. It’s one of those ‘sinking feeling’ moments (I’m sure you know what I really mean… sinking feeling was just a polite way of putting it) that you get when you realise what you’ve done… mum’s best one was something that went for printing with Engineereering, but luckily got caught in time.

    • I have to say I know what you mean. Happily all the spelling errors in the brochures I used to design were produced by the client, just one client who never ever learned his lesson.

      Mind you the worst sinking feeling moment I had was when I was working on behalf of a ministry of the Brit Govt I designed a trade fair stand, the brochures, assembled the bribes oops sorry I mean goodie bags and shipped it off to an Arab country. Unfortunately the printing and shipping of the brochures was, though my responsibility was handled by the printer, he was late getting the shipment to the airport and the next available flight arrived on a Friday or to put it more accurately a day off. The brochures were then stuck in customs for three days with another two for clearance and arrived on the last day of the trade fair.

      On the up side, the officials had a record number of business cards, but that didn’t seem to be enough to placate them. It was the last job I did for them which entailed shipping stuff anywhere outside of the UK.

      I do rather like the word “Engineereering” though and wonder why it hasn’t caught on in the engineereering commuunity! Tee hee.

      May your walks always be long and the mud forever thick and clingy my pal.

      Actually I thought of you today I went on a walk through a couple of villages in the area I have moved to, there were loads of ponds, streams (the Czechs call them “potoks”) and them along the River Elbe, which the Czechs call the “Labem.” In total I walked 12.6 Kms and pushed my two year old to boot. When I got home my walking app told me I had used 880 calories, I panicked and ate as much junk food as I could find to restore those lost 880 calories.


      The Cat – Whose book “Getting Out… Excerpts from The Cat’s Diary” be published in the Mandarin language soon if a meeting in Beijing next week goes well that is! Paws crossed.

  2. I wonder how hard he had it in “shcool”

    • If he was as old as I am then they probably spelt out his deficiencies, now in this PC world where you can’t offer much in the way of criticism they are kinder, though whether that works is another matter.

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