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Saudi Arabia’s top Muslim cleric recently banned people from taking selfies with cats! No I am serious.

This is the same fool who earlier this year, issued a fatwa declaring chess forbidden in Islam.

In January he declared that the game “brings enmity and hatred between its contestants” and is forbidden because it “encourages gambling and is a waste of time and finances.”

Just so you know you old berk, no one ‘gambles’ on Chess! Well not in the decadent west anyway!

Sheikh Saleh Bin Fawzan Al Fazwan and The Cat

Oh do you like the picture of me with the twit. I think it makes him look more human!

And if the above wasn’t enough some other religious fool, Mallam Abass Mahmud from Ghana has announced that Allah gets annoyed when men engage in sexual encounters with other men and, wait for it, sex between gay couples “disgusts Allah” and is responsible for earthquakes.

Earthquakes around the world

As you can see from this screenshot from the GEE, a scientific earthquake authority, a lot of earthquakes seem to occur in the oceans of the world. Imagine all those poor gay people floating around the world’s oceans with nothing better to do than, er, well I can’t really say what they are doing because I am a nice innocent cat, but some fool in Ghana believes they are causing earthquakes!

Just so you know, GEE is an education and outreach tool for seismology that aims to make it easy for non-seismologists to retrieve, display and analyse seismic data. It is intended for use in a classroom setting as a supplement to textbook material, which often lacks real world connections. Novices to the world of seismology can use GEE to explore earthquakes they’ve seen in the headlines, keep track of a recording station in their area, look at real-time seismic data, and more!

And of course the GEE know what they are talking about, just like the ancient Muslims who studied the stars, loved mathematics and were entranced with science, and would have laughed themselves silly at the antics of monumental idiots, like the one who spoilt the picture of me above, who don’t seem to have a grip on the reality of the modern world!

About the Author

The Cat Portrait2

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