Oh it’s so difficult to choose something from this menu!   4 comments

Nice doggie Portugal

Look at the choice of unusual foods on offer in the Portuguese café, some of which are obviously Portuguese specialities like err “Mixed toast,” “Dog with francesinha sauce,” or indeed “Francesinha” itself.

Oh you want me to tell you what Francesinha is! Ok at the end of this blog, if you are good I’ll tell you dear cuddly readers. But before that there are so many more exciting Portuguese specialities to drool over on this menu.

What about “Sideburns” yummy, or “Fried eggs on even undercooked to wet bread.” oh my taste buds are begging me to choose that, but I think I’ll resist the eggs and go for the big one “Nail in the Bread!” Well who could one resist that?

Now I promised to tell you what Francesinha is, and because I’m a nice Cat I thought I would add a picture, so that you believe me!

Francesinha, which literally means ‘Little Frenchie’ in Portuguese is a Portuguese sandwich which was first served in Porto.

You make it using bread, (obviously not the even undercooked to wet variety) with wet cured ham, linguiça, fresh sausage like chipolata, steak or roast meat. Then all of that is covered with melted cheese and a hot thick tomato and beer sauce served with french fries.


I always have mine served without the beer sauce, it causes a lot of huffing and dirty looks from the hosts of the restaurant but then again if they want to be paid they have to bite the bullet or they could have a gnaw on the “Nail in the Bread,” could’t they.

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4 responses to “Oh it’s so difficult to choose something from this menu!

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  1. They’re not cannibals are they? sideburns, nails, ribs… and the scariest thing of all… dogs. Do they really eat dogs? If they do then I bet they eat cats as well…

    • I don’t think that they are cannibals, just have dreadful taste. It’s the bloody Chinese and Koreans who eat dog, though I don’t think that Koreans eat cat happily.

      When I was in Uzbekistan last a year or so ago my father in law who is Korean invited me to go with him and the ‘lads’ to drink Russian beer and eat, err… dog. It is a big butch thing to do among expat Koreans.

      Now the Russian beer which is called Balticka, except with some very silly characters from the Russian alphabet, is great and I don’t mind one of fourteen of them, but to eat dog, not thanks not in a million years, not if they paid me.

      I get a bit queasy eating cow, they are beautiful aren’t they? Honestly I would be a vegetarian if I didn’t like meat so much!

      Hope you are well and ‘Darzett’ is sunny and warm!


      The Cat

  2. I pray they mean hot dogs or wiener dogs not bark bark dogs. I agree with you know beer sauce for me.

    • The menu is from Portugal and I am pretty sure that they mean the sort of dogs that are more used to being wrapped in a bread roll, and not wrapped on the head for barking!

      Beer sauce, ugh! Uck! Uck!

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