The Japanese are tough!   2 comments

Imagine how tough you have to be to have specially adapted glasses to cause “discomfort” when reading!

Painful Toyko

Tell you what I now understand why they Chinese only steal disputed islands off the coast of Japan and not ones that have Japanese sovereignty and frankly I don’t blame them!

Speaking of sovereignty the queen of England is 90 today, just shows what an easy pampered life can do for longevity doesn’t it!

Oh by the way does anyone have any idea what the pipe sticking out of the curtain in front of the old chap’s head is for? Not increasing the discomfort hopefully! Maybe it adds to the “high degreed spectacle.”

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2 responses to “The Japanese are tough!

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  1. BOL that pipe would certainly cause a few problems with vision. I’m guessing that you’re not sporting your red white & blue outfits and hosting a party to celebrate the Queens birthday today 🙂

    • Yes it must be there to cause extra discomfort if required. I expect you could get some lovely looking bruises if you kept bashing your head against it, don’t you.

      I am a republican, dyed in the wool, and none of the dye is red white or blue happily. I don’t wish the royal family any harm, they can abdicate and live a quiet life if they want, but I believe it is time England grew up and did away with princesses and queens to say nothing of the fat roving ‘business’ ambassador and Duke and the helicopter pilot playboy and his clothes peg wife.

      You get better value with a small presidential family and best of all you can change the buggers after five years. You wait until King Charles the Peculiar is enthroned people will wish they could vote the bugger out pdq. Especially after he has imposed homeopathy for all and all of the other potty ideas he cherishes!

      Still if the English people really want a king and queen I have a solution! I would wouldn’t I? I think that we should comb the country every five years for a nice old couple who aren’t that well off, can’t afford the heating to stay warm in the winter, make one bottle of fairy washing up liquid last a year and eat only once a day and put them on the throne. Let them have a palace (just one mind) and all of the flunkies attached to a royal household, the banquets and luxury until they pop their clogs, on the condition that they can smile nicely and wave serenely and let’s face it when you cost the nation over 100 million a year (including police protection a bill picked up by the Met Police) you would smile wouldn’t you?

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