Happy Christmas   6 comments

Happy Christmas

I hope that you have a wonderful time, aren’t lonely and are warm wherever you are.


The Cat

6 responses to “Happy Christmas

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  1. Merry Christmas- thanks for all the chuckles this year 🙂

  2. Love you Cat. Many blessings of happiness and saucers of sweet creamy milk.

    ♡ Tammy

  3. And we wish the same for you too… but might add that we hope you have a nice full tummy too, preferably full of your favourite things.

    • You are so very kind thank you. We had a brilliant Christmas, Evelyn’s first, last year we were away in Uzbekistan for the month of December so she missed her first Christmas proper.

      Yes I avoided eating any unfavourite things this year, I learned my lesson as a Kitten that curtains are to be used for hiding from the neighbours and not chewing on, nor swinging on either, sadly.

      Actually as a Kitten I learned that very few things left lying around are for chewing or eating, which when you think of it is actually terrible!

      Mind you I was never as bad when it came to chewing things as The Dog, I still laugh sometimes about the time when my translator came home after leaving The Dog locked in the kitchen for a while and discovered that The Dog had eaten the kitchen.

      He’d had an appetiser of the open book shelves that belonged to the fitted kitchen, then he ate most of the bottom of a cupboard door, that didn’t agree with him and he puked it up in a pile that could be stepped in as the, newly clawed kitchen door, was opened.

      His main course was the kettle followed by the toaster, a chopping board and several other bits and pieces. Then I have a suspicion he stood back and admired the damage, got a little worried about what he had done and promptly went to the toilet over the bit of the bookshelf that he hadn’t chewed, I don’t think that he singled out Jamie Oliver’s books to poo on in particular or because he thought he was a lousy cook it just happened!

      Oh how I laughed from my observation platform high above the devastation on top of the wall unit thingys.

      Do have a great Boxing Day and a sublime New Year!


      The Cat 🐾

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