Welsh view of Christmas!   Leave a comment

Welsh view of Christmas Tondu Wales

No wonder the store is closing and the To Let sign has been put up if that is the Welsh view of Christmas!

I hope that your Christmas dear cuddly reader is better that the one in Tondu, Wales where you ask?

Well Tondu is near Bridgend, Wales, the English translation of the word ‘Tondu’ is ‘Black Sward’ don’t ask me what a Sward is in this context, the only ‘Sward’ I know is an area of short grass, never seen Black Grass in either long or short varieties though have you?

Anyway back to Tondu, Wales or not! Frankly I’d rather have a glass of Egg Nog than write any more about Tondu, Wales and I’m pretty sure that you, dear cuddly reader, would rather have a similar glass, filled to the brim, than read about it too.

If I don’t have too many glasses of Egg Nog between now and tomorrow I write again!

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