Happy Christmas!   9 comments

Oh! Sorry about the headline as I wrote it I was told it was far too early to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and then get on a flight for the Caribbean to escape the dreadful weather!

I have to say that I think that’s rather cruel, I like the Caribbean and the thought of a few weeks basking in the sun, being granted my every wish by a team of dedicated hotel professionals is my idea of heaven.

Hang on though this is the 21st century and most modern techno things work anywhere, that settles it, I’m off! Byeeeeeee!

Barbados sunset

I’d say I would be thinking of you when sipping a Rum Punch on Christmas Day and tucking into a festive Swordfish Steak, but sadly that wouldn’t be true and that in no way reflects on you of course, I adore all my cuddly readers and am very grateful to them for buying my books (and not using them as door stops).

Happy Christmas One and All!


9 responses to “Happy Christmas!

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  1. Happy Christmas to you too!

  2. Happy Christmas and a blessed new year to you and the kittens. If you are going to the beach I am going with you!! It is not cold enough to snow here yet. I hear its going to be a balmy 70 degrees F here on Christmas! 😦 I wanted a nice blanket of snow for Christmas har har. I do wish you all well and give the kittens a hug for me!

    • Happy Christmas to you my dear pal, and i hope that 2016 is a very prosperous and most of all exceptional year.

      Sadly I won’t be off to a beach, I will be writing about the Caribbean Sea though. I am completing a budget for an animated movie set (mainly) under the Caribbean Sea, then I will have to turn my synopsis into a 95 minute script. So now you know my 2016 project ;0)

      It is wet and warm here, usually by this time we have had come very cold weather and a lot of snow, but this year they must have left the electric blanket on because it is not cold, it’s not warm either, not like 70F he said enviously :0)

      Whatever the weather have a great Christmas and if it gets too hot practice your Australian accent, them down under have Christmas lunch on the beach lucky devils!


      The Cat

  3. merry christmas..it coming this Friday 12/25/2015..its only Tuesday 12/22 lovable “Cat” 😉

  4. Evelyn is a little angel/kitty.

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