Firking Pointing!   4 comments

They re always firking pointing in Scotland

They’re always firking pointing in Scotland!

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This heavily illustrated books created especially for iPads, Pods and Phones called Tram No 6 is the Naughtiest of Trams and it looks amazing.

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4 responses to “Firking Pointing!

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  1. BOL… what is the Firkin Point?

    • Well I have to say I am no firking expert, but I believe it involves the middle finger! However I am far to nice to know for sure!

      Hope darset is sunny my dear! Here we have had temperatures in the very high 30’s of C it was hot, mind you Siberia was cool high 20’s but the Mosquitoes were out in force. Still we did what we had to do there. I was a bit confused because when I went into Novosibirsk I expected to see the showrooms of Land Rover, Mercedes Benz etc., to be closed along with the Kentucky Fired thingy, MacDonalds and Burger King, but that was not the case they still continue to ‘feed’ everyone, though the food service couldn’t be described as ‘fast.’ I also expected there not to be NestlĂ©, Pampers and other fine European products on the shelves because of the sanctions. I was wronger than wrong! That also applied to the people out spending money, I concluded that life under sanctions doesn’t seem that bad you know.

      Sadly I missed the bulldozing of European cheese undertaken by the ever madder Putin and is cohorts and darn it I missed the burning of Dutch flowers too. Mind you that is probably because I didn’t go to Moscow. That’s where all of that sort of business goes on, so that it can be broadcast across the country.

      My Tigers are ok I can say happily and they have a new patron, I believe the people will be Put In him in charge next har ha.

      Talking about Burger King last Saturday we were in the centre of Prague and the Burger King there had run out of chips, they substituted a several day old salad instead my baby was not pleased shopping requires chips! Maybe the sanctions are affecting the wrong country har ha.

      I wonder what happened if people asked to supersize their meal, probably got a larger more droopy salad.

      Have a great week.


      The Cat

  2. My, you do get around don’t you! Don’t mention bulldozing cheese, that’s just heinous – cheese is such a wonderful precious commodity, should be worshipped like the cows in India. I am in love with cheese, the best thing ever… as well as steak and tripe of course. We’re not fans of fast food and can’t remember the last time we went in one… pub grub is best and pubs are more likely to be dog friendly.
    A supersize salad doesn’t wag my tail even a tiny bit!
    A very pleasant day here today, low 20’s is fine with me.. panting is so unladylike.
    Bye for now.

    • I like Cheese too, happily Marks and Sparks have it here and Lidl have some made by Dale Farm over in Somerset so we are really rather well off for cheese, mind you you have to be well off to much the stuff with or without crackers, we are a bit short on crackers here to be honest though. We can only buy the low baked water biscuits and Crawford’s Crackers are just a distant dream.

      So when El Put ordered the destruction of Cheese I was devastated, but there was some consolation in the fact that they did in some frog cheese too, can’t abide the Goaty stuff meself!

      Can’t say I like fast food, though here fast is not a word that should be added to those types of restaurants, the Czechs don’t do fast like the Russians. Sadly the pub, beer cellar and indeed most restaurant food is, um how can I say this nicely, it rhymes with ‘rap.’

      Eating out is something to be avoided if possible, happily the old fella is a brilliant cook and can turn his hand to amaze most guests who insist on coming at meal times, very rude that I think don’t you? So we eat all sorts of stuff, except fried, the occasional English Breakfast excluded!And oh Teagan the bacon here is sublime, no water comes out of it when you cook it just fat!

      On the whole meat is really good here, though like the krauts the butchers take all of the fat off for Chrozio style sausages, so a Sunday roast beef dins can be a challenge. Tonight the old fella is making beef and carrot pie with a suet crust, Atora imported of course! The meal was cooked for several hours and one looks makes it fall apart, divine.

      Salad has it place doesn’t it? On the side. Him whom I have referred to all to often today make his own Hamburgers and the buns that you pop them into salad fits nicely into them as well!

      Low 20’s that’s sad, same here, I miss the heat I have to say, mainly because it means snow isn’t far away and I can’t abide the stuff. I don’t think I am qualified to comment on panting being ladylike or not tee hee!

      Have a wonderful tripe fueled day there. I started to type ‘filled’ there but fueled came out har ha.


      The Cat

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