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As the title says this is just an ordinary photograph from a street that could be anywhere.

North Korean Disney 4

What is slightly worrying is not that one child is wearing a Mcdonald’s teeshirt it’s that these children are walking home down a street in Pyongyang, what was it that politicians said about economic and business sanctions?

Still the little girl’s are innocent and this Cat for one hopes that they are enjoying the sun while trying to figure out exactly what the big golden ‘M’ and the word in a strange language printed on them actually means tee hee.

About the Author

The Cat Portrait2

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14 responses to “Just an ordinary photograph

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  1. Reblogged this on soyun69 and commented:
    free advertising for MacDonalds lol

    • I loved this picture. What a shame these obviously innocent and wonderful children, like all of their peers, have to live under such a despicable regime. One day they will be free because evil never lasts.

  2. tht is a lovely thought..although its sad at times certain future generations r caught up with selfish n shallow thoughts of wanting everything for themselves

    • That is true. But there are degrees of selfishness and frankly I would rather live in our dreadful materialistic selfish world than the ones that those lovely children will.

      Thank goodness there are nice people like you around! “Where there is one others will follow,” I believe is a saying though I don’t know where from.

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