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I would like to take some of your time and remember the victims of the obscene attack in Paris with the blog below which I know won’t offend any race, religion or anyone else!

There what do you think of that? Marvellous isn’t it?


18 responses to “A politically correct blog

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  1. hahaha… good post Cat 🙂

  2. it is a blustery 6 degrees fahrenheit here. Trying to stay warm!!

    • Oh that’s not nice. BTW I went to your twitter page and saw that you follow me, I had actually visited it a few days ago and followed, but I think you have to approve me following you or something because i can’t see your posts on your page or on mine.

      How that sorts this out :0)

  3. try this Cat, I used my alternative email address for the set up of this account. tammy.shook@hotmail.com

    • I have tried everything ;0) Still no luck! I just get this –

      @LittleMishca’s Tweets are protected.

      Only confirmed followers have access to @LittleMishca’s Tweets and complete profile. Click the “Follow” button to send a follow request.

      • okay I have updated the privacy matters 🙂

      • Sounds good. Did you see I even visited Facebook, oh what a terrible place that is, tuh the things I do for my friends.

      • i have facebook and twitter open most of the time. I don’t pay attention to Facebook most of the time because of the spamming of game requests I receive. It gets very annoying to me. I played those games over a 2 years ago now and I get requests from people I dont even know!

      • I know what you mean about spam game requests, I have to say I really am beginning to dislike all social media, it just isn’t very sociable and it isn’t very interesting.

        But I suppose we will have to persist. Did the Twitter thing work in the end? Hope so. Are you ‘located’ in Brazil as the page I found and followed said?

        Hope your week is good and that your arm is getting better.


      • you got me. I sent a inbox message to you from Twitter.

      • Got it and replied – I’m just that kinda Cat!

        It is good to keep in touch isn’t?

      • it is wonderful to keep in contact. I love having such a great feline as my co-conspirator in this mad world we live in. It helps to have such a Genius on my side Tee hee

      • The feeling is mutual of course. It is just great to have fiends.

      • I send a follow request again, so paws crossed this time! ;0)

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