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It was very late at Tashkent airport and to avoid the crush of waiting several hours while the authorities laboriously check the passengers and their luggage for hidden contraband like democracy and freedom I was clever and paid $100 per person to use the VIP entry facilities.

While waiting close to two hours (anyway) for some one to wake someone else (see yesterday’s blog) I read everything in the cold waiting room, while giggling at the outdated technology like a 1980’s computer plonked on a desk from many decades before and sitting on a metal bench that was probably first used in the middle ages to torture the real Crusaders.

Apart from being introduced to the bountiful economic miracle which is today’s modern Uzbekistan I read the poster below and tried to work out exactly what the hell it was about.

Airport Nonsense

Sadly I couldn’t find any “complaint or suggest” forms for the questionnaire survey, which would have enabled me to offer my “proposals and suggests” and therefore add my two cents worth to “increase the level of service in (in speech marks for some odd reason) “Tashkent” airport.”

So I decided as I had plenty of time to call any, and eventually all, the numbers listed on the poster, every number was out of service, but then it was late and probably everyone, like the representative of the Foreign & Chaos Ministry were probably tucked up somewhere warm, unlike my crew and I.

As for finding the promised “book of complaints and suggest” which “is at the airport terminal manager.” I am still trying to work out what the hell that meant, but I fear it’s too late now! And what is the point in complaining? Uzbekistan is a modern economic and democratic miracle so what on earth could go wrong there?

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