Who would want to do that?   4 comments

Filthy habit in London

Why would you want to drink water in a toilet when you could drink it in a park or a restaurant or at home?

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4 responses to “Who would want to do that?

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  1. Well, not that I do it myself of course, but I have heard that some dogs like to take the odd drink from time to time… and cats too most probably.
    Drinking water in a park? Not here I don’t think… back in the old days when mum was a wee nipper there were lots of drinking fountains in parks and public places… but of course they’re all long gone. Health & Safety gone mad I expect. Much better for everyone to buy overpriced water in plastic bottles and then fill the bins with the empties… or the ground, hedge, wherever they happen to finish drinking, as seems to be the unfortunate case so often.
    BTW are you famous yet? How are the book sales going?

    • Yes I have heard of Dogs and even the dimmer Cats who take an ‘odd’ drink from a toilet bowl and of course Humans who splash on Eau de Toilette all over themselves! But I have never done it.

      Speaking of nippers, in the sixties I saw a lorry driver in a transport cafe (note the lat of an accent over the ‘e’) on his knees in a toilet cubicle taking a shave – using the toilet water if you ever did!

      Yes sadly too much Health and Safety for public fountains and even Horse Troughs I expect. Mind you here in Golden Praha they have drinking fountains for the thirsty bless them and even better a lot of shops and restaurants have bowls of fresh water placed outside for Dogs and of course Humans if they are desperately thirsty I imagine.

      Don’t even get me started on bottled bloody water, it’s a scandal, in London I noticed water from Canada and Turkey on sale in local shops, imagine the damage to the environment shipping that lot over did or is that does. This weekend I was in Berlin and there most plastic bottles are uniform, they have a slip on label and can be dressed up as Coke, Fanta, Dr Pepper and many more, the plastic is incredibily thick and that is because they are all recyclable, you pay a ‘deposit’ on the bottle and when you buy more you shove the empties into a recycling machine which gives you the deposit back, or in the case of so very many unfortunate people in the capital of economic engine of Europe they troll around the streets and railway stations collecting plastic bottles and even drinks cans and glass containers to get the .25 Eurocents themselves.

      I am sure in the UK all of that would be against the law, I heard of people being taken to court in the UK for ‘stealing’ disguarded food from a McDonald’s trash bin.

      As for books sales and being famous, the answer is brilliantly and yes, happily. I am now working on an animated TV series, but there will be another Cat book to cause mirth and get under some people’s skin one day soon. I am also looking for the cash for a movie, so if you would like to lend a paw and sniff some out that would be wonderful, although how you would sniff some out with a paw I have no clue.

      Have a great week and long walks daily.


      The Cat

  2. What a good idea, deposits on bottles. Hang on, mum’s saying that there always used to be a deposit on lemonade and beer bottles etc – a good pocket money top up, kids offering to take back the bottles to the village shop šŸ˜‰
    Excellent news re the fame and book sales… and an animated TV series, how wonderful is that!!

    • That’s exactly what I thought, it really gets the recycling going and the machines paid out on cans and glass and were cleverly situated in supermarkets, we went to Kaisers I don’t think they are like Fortnum and Masons though tee hee.

      Tell Mum I too remember deposits on bottles in the old days over there, such a good idea, wasn’t it in the days of Tizer and Cider bottles that had screwlike ‘corks’ with an orange rubber washer on them? We did the same wherever we lived and topped up the pocket money nicely.

      Yes the TV series is fun and the movie will be sublime, just need some clever financial types to get on board, so if you know any… September should be interesting! Not only for me either, my daughter starts filming a movie she is starring in, she is working with with Toyah Wilcox, so I hope that all goes smoothly.

      Have a great evening.

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