The Devil made us do it   10 comments

Another in my occasional series of dog shaming photographs and as a bonus here are two bad bow wows for the price of one!


Now I have to say that personally nothing would tempt me into eating just one ‘Cheez-It’ whatever they are, but replace the name ‘Cheez-It’ for ‘Prawn-It’ on the box and I would be in the dog house along with Chessy and Barley the very bad dogs pictured here!

“Oh I do love me some Prawns as I would say if I came from South Carolina” (I would imagine).

About the Author

The Cat Portrait2

The Cat is one of the most successful feline authors in the history of Catkind. His sharp elegant wit has produced the bestselling book ‘Getting Out – Excerpts from a Cat’s Diary’ and of course the much plagiarised gag of the same name which appears on all of the funniest joke sites on the internet.

Copies of the Cat’s masterpiece of feline literature ‘Getting Out – Excerpts from a Cat’s Diary’ and his latest wonderful book ‘The Cat’s Travelogue’ can be purchased at a bookstore near you or from the internet at and here for the Travelogue The Cat’s Travelogue Paperback Edition or at what The Cat calls his www – wickedly wonderful website here where you can not only learn more about me the genius Cat but also play my games they are all paw picked by me and have been described as “exactly what free on-line games should be, fun, free and fantastic.”

I would like to tell you all about something new and rather nice that you can get from the Apple iBooks store, no not ‘Getting Out – Excerpts from a Cat’s Diary’ and his latest wonderful book you have been able to get that for ages, no something else rather wonderful. You can get John Woodcock’s brilliantly illustrated book the first in the series called ‘The Trams of Prague’

This heavily illustrated books created especially for iPads, Pods and Phones called Tram No 6 is the Naughtiest of Trams and it looks amazing.

If you would like to get this exceptional book the easy way, just click on this link:
Trams of Prague – Tram No6 is the Naughtiest of Trams

Don’t forget dear cuddly readers one and all that my translator’s heavily illustrated book has just been made available at the iBookstore or iTunes – what was it with Steve Jobs and all of the ‘i’s’?

To get whizzed straight to the store whatever it’s called just click on the picture of the cover of that wonderful book below.

Trams of Prague ePub Cover 2 1 13 225x225 75


10 responses to “The Devil made us do it

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  1. BOL what lucky pups, I’d say that we couldn’t eat a whole box but that would be lying. Do you not like cheese? We all like cheese, even Pickle the cat and mum says that all her previous cats have liked cheese… Mind you, we all like prawns too. Being a dog I eat most things, except banana.

    • I know you chaps are all too nice to do something like become Cheez-It bandits. Actually I, like any Cat I have ever known, love Cheese especially Scottish Red Cheddar which they sell in Marks (we have loads of M&S here in Prague). I wonder if the Scots will share their Cheese with us Brits if they get their well earned Independence?

      I have always felt sorry for the Scots and not because Gordon Brown is one, but think about it, you are a proud kilt wearing nation with odd accents and ginger hair and you have to put up with people like Sir Alec Douglas Hume and David Cameron claiming that they come from your neck of the woods and sounding like the toffs from Eton that they are!

      I am also surprised that Mrs Thatcher didn’t privatise Scotland and have done with it, but I suppose she was too busy closing schools and hospitals and becoming the saint that Iain Duncan Smith (another plastic Scot I imagine) seems to worship.

      Prawns… Now you are talking, do you have any Prawns about you, that isn’t a defrosted bag in your coat pocket is it? Banana pah! I am allergic to them sadly so I leave them for the Minions in Despicable Me.

  2. Reblogged this on soyun69 and commented:
    are u sure the dogs ate them or did some CAT eat them. lol

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