It’s mild outside, fancy a day in Sherwood Forest Country Park?   6 comments

Sherwood Forest Country Park UK

Well I suppose that the inhabitants of the Sherwood Forest Country Park near Nottingham, UK have become a little more civilised since Robin Hood went around mugging all and sundry, however the latest idea to spice up a visit to the forest and pack more visitors in is a little dubious isn’t it.

Still each to his own! Personally I would hate to be videoed doing my ‘business,’ if I can use that word these days, either in a forest or indeed anywhere else!

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6 responses to “It’s mild outside, fancy a day in Sherwood Forest Country Park?

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  1. BOL I’ve become used to it… I remember having a camera pointed at me when I was having some of my very first er, um, ‘private moments’ and the excited shouting when I produced something that wasn’t like a Mr Whippy. I’m not sure I’d like the whole procedure on film though. And what on earth do the bears think…
    I think mum would be a bit concerned at the ‘you are here’ arrow. That location appears to be very vague indeed.

    • Vague in the extreme I would say.

      Mind you I’m sure that most of us have been filmed doing something we shouldn’t if we have ever lived in a major city in the UK, but I do hope that my most private (Mr> Whippy and non-Mr.Whippy) moments haven’t been captured for posterior-ity if you get my meaning.

      Here in the Czech Republic the male humans seem to wazz wherever they want to, but happily most drawn the line there, sadly I have to say ‘most!’ Ugh!
      It was a little disconcerting when I first arrived to see grown men who couldn’t wait to ‘go’ in a public toilet or make it home, to – well let’s call it “let loose” all over the place, at tram stops, in the city centre in shrubbery – thin shrubbery I might add and indeed anywhere they damn well please, not nice at all, goodness know why they do that it is only 5 crowns for a total adventure in a toilet here, stand up, sit down, take your pick it’s all included in the price, and that’s 15p in your money, not bad value is it?

      • OMD how awful, I’m afraid the Czech Republic has been crossed off the list of places to go. Er, to go as a holiday destination, not ‘to go’ if you know what I mean. I don’t think we’d like that very much, we like to check our pee-mail but of the canine variety only.

      • I’m with you there, happily it is only a small few spoiling it for the many as usual. I may have exaggerated a bit. But you do see it when you are out and about.

        You have to laugh at the ‘Pavels’ as I have called all the men here. They wear shorts as soon as the temperature rises above freezing and they have to tinkle in public places because they can’t ‘hold’ it until they get to a convenience! They are just like little boys.

        Re visiting the Czech republic, all I can say is ‘do’ it is lovely, not very polluted, has loads of forests and lovely countryside, like England without the louts and Germany with out the krauts – oh look a little rhyme! And Prague is lovely even in the Summer it isn’t that crowded, unlike smell old London where I used to live and attempt to breath.

  2. OK, we’ll put it back on again but will remember to avert our eyes.

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