Examples of the collapse of society in Kent   11 comments

A report I read yesterday, from a government think tank, said that the UK was a great place to live?

Examples of the collapse of society in Kent

Are they sure?

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11 responses to “Examples of the collapse of society in Kent

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  1. I guess they are worried the young people want to egg and flour things? But on the other hand what if a 15 year old wants to bake a cake? or some crumpets? đŸ™‚ I would hate to see some 15 year old with a note in hand trying to purchase eggs har har!

    • Sadly I know the area. It’s the sort of lace you don’t walk alone in during the day and never even in a group with a Llama in tow at night. The little horrors who buy the flour and eggs are the same little bastards who drop bricks from bridges over main roads and motorways. The UK is becoming ever more awful, but goes around patting itself on the back saying how wonderful they are and how nice the UK is!

      It is a strange attitude for a society that is collapsing but I fear it is a part of the process.

      As you know I admit to being English, if pressed, but I wouldn’t live there anymore.

      I also suspect that the notice was accepted and put up in the local shop because the shopkeeper wants to make is seem that they have a social conscience when the truth is that they would sell a toddler cigarettes, matches and worse.

      I am ranting now, I do that though on occasions and then I stop…..

      • So they will sell Cigarettes and a lighter, but no eggs or flour? well thats quite odd, would you say? Har har!

      • Yes it is odd.

        But I believe that the average corner shopkeeper in the UK, who usually from a particular ethnic type and that is all I can say about that subject, will sell anything to anyone regardless of age.

        For example the magazines on their top shelves usually go against their religious principles but then the mark up is high, they usually have a licence to sell liquor and will sell that to minors when they can get away with it and of course cigarettes and fireworks, both age restricted products, are just considered fair game.

        The whole of the UK is like a budding Detroit, having said that it’s about 50 years away from flowering and then it will be like a cross between Detroit and Dhaka.

        With every new generation the standards of manners, cleanliness, civic pride are corrupted, everyone is out for themselves and taking their lead from politicians, the royal family especially the thieving prince charles who robs the dead in Cornwall and avoids tax on his land deals, corporations who avoid tax altogether they cheat, swindle and degrade society.

        Happily the Czech republic is a bit like England in the fifties people are honest, the old have a chip on their shoulders because they surrendered first to the Germans and then the Russians and had to spend a lifetime collaborating, but the young are charming and have a great future, they are well educated and seem destined for a good future, can’t say that about many place can you?

        Oh dear I am ranting, but I have been thinking about standards recently and few have ours these days!

        Toodle pip!

  2. This is true my Dad got this to happen at his local shop as teenagers was buying the products and then throwing them at windows down my parents street every night. My dad works nights and did not appreciate cleaning up after a long shift EVERY day as that is what was happening.

    • I feel sorry for your dad. I used to live in a very posh part of Tunbridge Wells 20 years ago before I moved to London and even then there were ‘louts’ on the streets, but if you went to the Medway Towns you took your live into your hands even late in the afternoon not just at night.

      These little blighters cut their teeth on flour bombs and then move on to dropping bricks off bridges, letting them fall onto unsuspecting motorists. There is a real problem in the UK nowadays with people thinking that decency and manners are signs of weakness couple that to the fact that there doesn’t seem to be any discipline from the parents who are, in a lot of cases, just bigger nastier versions of their own loathsome children and you can see how society is collapsing in the UK into a pile of crime, litter and payday loans.

      I would never move back there and can’t understand anyone who wants to go there, even for a holiday. I regularly talk my eastern European friend out of visiting to work, between you and me I think that some of them believe I get paid by the Home Office to keep the immigration figures down – tee hee!

  3. Reblogged this on soyun69 and commented:
    thts kind of odd..i dont get tht.

    • It is dreadful. In the UK the latest craze for children of nine or so upwards is to flour bomb people’s houses, cars and anything one cherishes. That is when the little blighters aren’t dropping bricks from motorway bridges onto motorists below. Odd how everyone who hasn’t lived in the UK says they want to visit one day and people like me would never go back.

      Thanks for reblogging. I hope your week is good. How are Xmas sales going?


      The Cat

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