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The Japanese used to be considered a little odd to western thinking before the Chinese opened up their doors for business and started mis-manufactrering goods for the west which is why this sign is very important to Japan as it tries to establish its inscrutable self once again.

Everything is done to perfection in Japan

I think we should give the Japanese eight out of ten for a really wonderful sign and near perfect ‘Chinese’ style translation techniques, the only problem I can see will be comparing them and their efforts to the Chinese har ha!

Having said all of that I do rather like the idea of “using a toilet finely.” As a litter box user I know just what sort of mess can be created by over enthusiasm and carelessness!

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This heavily illustrated books created especially for iPads, Pods and Phones called Tram No 6 is the Naughtiest of Trams and it looks amazing.

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22 responses to “In pursuit of excellence in Japan

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  1. They have the best toilets 🙂 seriously x

    • Yes they are wonderful I suppose you could describe them as “fine”as they are kept finely. I love Japan and Korea, but then I could be bias Mrs Cat is Korean tee hee!

  2. Quite Hilarious as always my friend. It is like the Kitty litter “Randy Cat” to use one’s litterbox with over zealousness!

    • Thanks my dear pal. Yes Cats can get rather carried away using the litter box, I had one Cat who thought that if he dug long enough he would escape from the house bless him. Sadly he never did get further than the bottom of the litter box. I think that is why he decided to try and dig his way through the furniture and when that failed he started to spray the walls, tall plants, the ripper armchairs and sofa and anything he could get a good shot at, goodness me did he had a tank on him.

      His antisocial behaviour wasn’t resolved by a trip to the Vets either, but when I put a Cat flap in the garage and his bed there he used to just come in for meals and probably took to spraying elsewhere. Nice Cat but terrible manners!

      How are you, are you commuting yet?


      The Cat

      • Oh goodness! Mishca hasn’t gone to extent of digging to china harhar.. but she does get a little over excited in her digging, I have to go clean her area up at least three to four times a week.

        I didn’t get the job, They gave me some generic story about how I was overqualified for the position and They do not see the reason why I would want to have a position under what I am use to. I have explained to them I am looking to get back to work, not become a CEO or CFO of a company from day one. I just want to get back to work and make some money for the house. It is very frustrating indeed.

      • Obviously that means that Mishca doesn’t want to escape and that is good.

        It is a shame about the job, their loss, especially if they went for someone less qualified, that is a dumb and typical of an HR depatrtment, they are usually a bunch of wallies.

        Don’t worry you’ll get a job, it just takes time.

        I wanted to ask has anyone noticed that the government has stopped governing currently? I think that the senate are about to do themselves out of a job, because if the country can get by without such an expensive body of do nothings then it might get retired har ha.


        The Cat

      • you know at this point Cat I think we were better off with Bill Clinton in the office than this guy. I didn’t vote for him That I will admit, but I do respect him since he is the president. In the later months I have come to despise what the country has become. We have whole cities which are filing bankruptcy like Detroit, Michigan. The main reason they are failing? The current dictator (as i like to call him) has bailed out one of the car producers that basically kept that great city going. The car producer took the money the government gave to them to keep running and paid their CFO and CEO’s bonus checks! For what I asked many of times. Now that they are out of the game they have left the city to rot and decay like its not their fault. The city is now asking for funding and a “Bail out” to keep them running. I really think they should go back to the car producer and make them pay back the granted money and help the city out. That is just my 2 cents on that subject. As for our Dictator, I don’t believe his ideas are going to pass, but hes holding the ball on the playground and wont let anyone else play ball until he gets his way. I so want to run away to the Cayman Isles and open a bait and tackle shop. (Not that I know anything major about fishing har har)

        Please forgive the rant, A lot of feelings came out in that post. I want to reach up and select all and delete, but i’m sure some of your other cuddly readers will say the same. America use to be the land of opportunity. My America was the great melting pot of information, ideas and opportunity. Today and what seems like for the next few weeks, its not even close to opportunities. Its more of a shambles. So when is the Queen Mum going to come and take back the original 13 colonies? Inquiring minds want to know! Har har

      • I love a good rant and would never stop anyone having one, they are remarkably good for you, especially as one gets on in years and I fall into that category, but gracefully of course.

        Uncle Bill was a good guy and wonderful for cigar sales I believe, although I think his taste in interns was just awful, he was the Pres for goodness sake he could have had today’s Marilyn Monroe like JFK, instead he ‘goes’ and I think I am using that word correctly there, for a doe eyed chubb! Still he balanced the budget with his other hand while he was giving that fat girl whatever it was interns need – I suppose the nature of the word ‘intern’ should be examined here but I know some of my readers don’t like that sort of thing, me neither ;0)

        At least this guy in office is faithful to his Mrs. and that is something, or he has yet to be found out I suppose har ha.

        You in the US are still lucky though, in the UK they have Cameron and oh my dear what a woman’s wobbly bit he is if you excuse the use of the word ‘tit.’ That government of his is in league with the banks that nearly brought the world down, the city of London is a very corrupt place.

        At least in the Czech republic you know all of the top brass are swindlers, liars etc., they make no bones about it. Currently the Pres here is abusing the constitution because it is so ambiguous.

        Still what do I care, not much is the answer!

  3. lmao

    • I know it’s a goody isn’t it?

      • yes. lol

      • You are very kind!

      • u r a funny “Cat” John. how is Lena?

      • She is wonderful thanks. How are you? And your family? How is the government shout down affecting you all, have you noticed? If there isn’t much of an impact maybe they should close the senate permanently, what do you think tee hee.

      • relaxing on my days off. my mom n step dad are planning to go back to Korea. Government shut down hasnt effected me directly..for now. holiday rush has started early at work. ugh

      • Going back to Ko for a holiday or for good? If it is a holiday I imagine you will get all sorts of nice goodies on their return. Holiday rush? Thanksgiving or Xmas? I suppose it doesn’t matter. Still it is nice to put your feet up on a day off.

      • they will be there for a couple of month. So far at work its Halloween,Christmas havent seen much i wouldnt mind “Cat paws” for these tired feet.My roommate asked me an odd question about retirement. Hopeful goverment change happens BEFORE i retire. lol

      • Sounds like a trial all that work, all those customers. I would gladly send you some “Cats paws” but sadly I am using them at the moment. If the situation changes I will let you know!

        Don’t work too hard, save that for relaxing!

      • government change? hmmm we will see how tht turns out. lol

      • It is the senate that seems to be the problem isn’t it. Obama it seems is doing what most second term presidents are forced to do, coast to the end a picking battles along the way. Still I always say that politicians deserve each other! Har ha.

  4. Mishca, on the other hand has taken to spot peeing on my handcrafted outfits I have in my sewing room, she also did this to my travel cases. I have removed most of the clothing I had made and had to hand wash them for the embellishments on them. The cases were too far gone and I could not get the smell out of it so I had to drop them off at the landfill. I was told by a “Cat Expert” lol funny to say that…That I had changed her litter to a different brand so she is acting out and showing me the error in my ways.

    she has since changing back to the standard non smelly litter, resumed kitty stampedes at 11pm and being a sweetheart.

    • I hate to say this but I do think that Mishca might actually be trying to tell you what she thinks about your handicrafts, especially the travel cases, but I could be wrong!

      That Cat Expert obviously knew his or her business if Mishca has gone back to normal or have you stopped putting your handicrafts on display just to antagonise her? I ask this as a friend obviously.

      Sounds like you might be able to start an online business using your handicrafts to earn you a reasonable living or if they take off a large fortune! Just a thought, maybe if you were feeling really revengeful you could make Cat bonnets and use a certain Cat as your main model after she let you down ‘performing’ in your sewing room.

      Hang in there! It’ll all come right in the end I am sure.

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