No wonder Italy is going bust!   14 comments

I think I have found the reason why Italy is going bust, they have spent too much of their folding stuff on road signs that all say the same thing, haven’t they?

A delightful selection of Italian signs all say the same thing

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14 responses to “No wonder Italy is going bust!

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  1. i would be lost..nooooooo.

    • It’s insane isn’t it?

      • yes it is

      • That is why Italy is a great place to visit, especially Florence. You must do that one day if you haven’t already of course.

      • i have NEVER gone to Italy except to a “yankee” version of Italian FOOD. lol jk on the yankee

      • You should try to go. Proper Italian food is sublime. I try to do my best to cook authentic Italian, in fact when I lived in London my closest shop was the oldest Italian deli in England and I went there so often that the owners use to give me coffee and sit at the back and talk, eventually I used to take what I had prepared and try it on them, let’s say I got better with the criticism har ha. If they were too harsh I would blame the ingredients, that I bought in the stop of course har ha.
        My favourite Italian dish to cook is Chicken Marengo. It is basically Crayfish or Shrimp, Chicken and Tomatoes, not for getting onions and garlic of course served with fried bread.
        Napoleon’s cook a man called Dunand first cooked it for him after Napoleon’s victory at the battle of Marengo and he was low on ingredients so he foraged the town for stuff and came up with those ingredients or so the legend says.
        Some put eggs in it – uck!
        I strongly suggest you try it in an Italian restaurant or better still at home it is wonderful, trouble is with the fried bread you don’t eat it often.

      • cool 🙂

      • i dont know how to read Italian either. lol

      • Reading Italian is like reading French and Latin, look at the words very intensely, let a meaning spring into your head and then immediately think or do the opposite – voilà which sort of means “there it is” or “here it is” depending upon the err, um, wind I suppose!

      • i tried learning french but.. korean/english/spanish came out.

      • I know the feeling, when I was very young I lived in Paris with a French woman and her two children, naughty me, and of course I wanted to practice the rather unique ‘French’ we English learn in schools on everyone I encountered. Jacqueline took me aside one day and said “Please don’t talk French to the children, you are spoiling their accent.” So I gave up, and now only speak English no matter where I go or live and what language they speak. I did that in the states as well har ha.

      • i speak broken korean,high school spanish n valley girl/surfer dude english

  2. Wow those are some confusing signs. As you mentioned its a repeated sign no doubt. It would be like having a sign for every 5 foot you got closer to a stop light. hehe.. Love ya Cat and Give John and his beautiful wife a nuzzle for me.

    • You are right all very confusing. Thanks for the wishes I will pass them along.

      Hope all is going swimmingly with you. Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend.


      The Cat

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