I like the 24 heures du Le Mans   8 comments

As the title says I like Le Mans the 24 hour race, mainly because it takes place in the dark which adds a lot of excitement to an already exciting racing formula, in fact I would go as far as to say that Sports Car racing is the most exciting racing around.

There is sadly one thing that spoils the 24 hour race for me and that is the sponsor of the website where you can watch the race.

Now I am not saying that a company who makes watches should sponsor such events, in fact it seems to make a lot of sense for a time sensitive race (24 hours in this case) should be sponsored by a watch maker, but maybe they should at least watch their presentation because this years coverage of Le Mans was spoilt for me by Rolex who again managed to do something crazy with their logo – which sadly is a watch!

Rolex impressive timing Le Man website live broadcast

Isn’t that bad, or are Rolex watches prone to misplacing their hands? It is possible when you consider that these watches are only expensive because of the pricing policy of the company and usually contain similar parts to other less expensive watches, a bit like Apple computers contain the same Intel (etc.) parts as PC’s.

Oh and while we are on the subject of watches, who needs them now? When we have iPad, iPods and iPhones which all can tell us the time more accurately than most watches and don’t even get me started on the nonsense of iWatches and other wearable technology, what a silly idea all of that that is!

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8 responses to “I like the 24 heures du Le Mans

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  1. Rolex r u kidding with my mini paycheck i couldnt afford tht watch. lol.watching bicycle races r fun. i would love to take photos of Le Mans..to build up my photography skills.

    • Building up your photography skills! You’re lucky to be able to afford a camera har ha!

      I love both Le Mans and the Tour de France. A few years ago I got to see the first stage of the Tour de France because for some reason best known to the organisers they started the race in England and I watched it thunder past in the lanes of Kent.

      It was excellent, there are a few problems with watching a cycling road race, first loads of police on motorbikes and in cars, which help to make the air the cyclists breath rather nasty I would think, come passed, whizz past then some support vehicles, which do the same to the riders lungs I expect. Then the pack fly passed, or is that cycle, then lots of support vehicles and loads of strange trucks whizzed passed, doing the same to the on lookers as the vehicles at the front do to the cyclists and then it is all over.

      All of that takes place in a flash and you are left standing at the roadside looking just a little stupid and feeling more than a little embarrassed clutching some plastic giveaway which together with a barrage of sweets and smoked meat has been fired at you from the advertising vehicles as they bullet past trying almost in vain to keep up with the pace of the cyclists, who in turn are probably trying hard not to fall behind the police vehicles…

      • i got a camera last Christmas from my step father..nothing fancy digital camera. i also have an ipad n ipod.

      • You are lucky, and I am so glad you are my friend, by the way and not related at all can I borrow your iPad har ha. Actually I have all of those too, my camera is a rather clever one which is just as well or I wouldn’t be able to take a lot of the pictures that appear on my blog and website.

        I have to say I adore my iPad, I love to read magazines on it and don’t mind typing on it at all, but oddly enough I prefer to read ePub books on my iPod, and yes you can call me ‘different’ if you like ;0)

      • i worked very hard ro save up for an ipod n ipad.lol i am glad to have u as a friend. sure u can borrow my ipad…if i get another one i would give u this one. 🙂

      • Same here on all of that.

  2. I have a few watches, but hardly wear them for this reason. I have my computer and also a few other playful bits that tell me time har har!

    I think apple needs to create the Icat for you 🙂 would be interesting no doubt, to be able to type with your thoughts

    • I do love it when people agree with me thanks. As for typing your thought – “shit, oh look damn,” oh dear “sod it,” mmh I have a feeling that the words flowing out of the mind should be dammed in both ways tee hee. It is an interesting thought though honestly “nonsense” oops Ok stopping now.

      Hugs and purrs from one of your best friends – oh look at that thoughts can be nice.

      The Cat

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