Oh how nice they translated it for us – Slovenia   4 comments

What a nice bunch of people the Slovenians are! They very kindly translated this road sign so that we have no doubts whatsoever concerning what it says.?

Oh how nice they translated it for us  Slovenia?

I don’t think I would mind visiting Portoroz, although it’s a little too built up for my taste in holiday resorts?


But I don’t think I will ever want to visit the other place! What about you dear cuddly reader??

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4 responses to “Oh how nice they translated it for us – Slovenia

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  1. I am on holiday right now down in Emerald Isle, NC and the area is not populated at all. I have a busy area to me left (Atlantic Beach) but to my right is downtown Emerald Isle. Its so nice here nothing to do and no big fast food restaurants to cloud up everything. I enjoy this area very much want to move here now. I have been here for about a week and 1/2..

    The first signs I had to laugh because I don’t know one from the other when it comes to the translations. Im sure it absolutely gorgeous, but a bit crowded for my taste. I surely don’t want to go to Arse. Hahahaha

    • Emerald Isle sounds divine, I have always wanted to go to that part of NC since I saw a movie with Richard Gere in called Nights in Rodanthe. He stayed in a guest house on the beach, there wasn’t anything around for miles except Diane Lane to amuse him and oh a storm, that pairing amuse the hell out of him for the weekend.

      It is a very nice movie and the scenery is wonderful.

      I think you should give ‘Arse’ a chance before you decide not to visit it, a lot of people do visit an Arse, sometimes frequently and they seem to like it. Yes Portoroz is a little too crowded, but that Adriatic coast is lovely (it is on the other side of the Adriatic to Italy.

      Personally I would like to toddle down to Croatia but we have other plans this Summer and indeed this Winter and into next Spring so no holidays at all this year worst luck.

      Hope you are having a great holiday,you deserve the rest.


      the Cat

      • Ill have a few pictures of the coastline on Facebook, I despise the web-social, but I have most of my relatives and Dear dear kitty friends there ❤
        I have a photo album set up for Emerald Isle, NC. The area in question for the Richard Gere movie was shot about an hour from where i am now. This is way southern than there 🙂 its about 30 minutes from Myrtle beach as the crow flies as they say here.

        If I was able to travel as much as you have been over this past few years my Beautiful Genius, I would travel anywhere I could just to get to know the people of this fine planet we live on. I have told you before, but for the other cuddly readers I have a adventuresome taste for people from all backgrounds. I love to learn!! 🙂 I also like Teaching my two adorable children (18 and 16 now) about the way the world really is not what the newspaper believes they are..

      • It all sounds perfect. I will look at your pictures on Facebook if I can summon up the courage to go there, it has become such a spooky place, where spooks collect all sorts of personal information on what we do, say, like and so on and so forth, and then the ones who want to make a buck sell that information to advertisers ugh!

        Yes I have traveled around a bit over the last few years, they say travel broadens the mind, in my case it got so broad that it split in the middle like a pair of trousers that are several sizes too small, still there was no other way to write a Travelogue was there? there wasn’t was there? you would tell me if there was, no hang on I don’t want to know, after all I have done all the traveling now!

        Enjoy the sand, the surf and something else beginning with ‘s,’ sadly I forget what that is… oh hang on yes its ‘sandwiches’ of course!

        Big Purrs,

        The Cat

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