Sri Lanka’s most addictive food   14 comments

Only in India and Sri Lanka could ‘Smak’ be described as “full of natural goodness!”

Sri Lanka s most addictive food

Makes you wonder doesn’t it!

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14 responses to “Sri Lanka’s most addictive food

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  1. i wonder…..hmmmm if i TALK smak then… :/

    • I have a feeling that if you do you aren’t alone!

      • although it does look yummy fruit drinks

      • That is very true.

      • i try it sometime

      • I think that is a good idea, you try it and them let me know what it is like!

      • first i need to find a good place here in California to eat Sri Lanka food.

      • Or a convenience store, when I lived in LA and indeed London the small local stores had all sorts of goodies. The best near me in London was a Turkish shop that had fresh Baklava, although I lived in an area which was really Italian and we had the best and oldest Italian Deli in the UK as neighbours, even Jamie Oliver filmed there!

        What is your favourite food?

      • i love Korean,Mexican,Cuban,Japanese, Chinese, Mediterrean, American, Italian, Thai so far. 🙂

      • Sounds like me!

        Actually I just made Slow cooked peas!

        You take a little onion and garlic cook them till soft in olive oil. Then add two tins of tomatoes drained and rinsed, plus some fresh basil, with salt and pepper. Cook for about 20 minutes. Then add about 6oz of frozen peas and cook for a further 20 minutes.

        I had to add a little sugar because the tinned tomatoes are a little sour here and I also added some of my homemade Passata to keep the mixture moist, when the peas are cooked check the taste and if it is ok break 3 or 4 eggs over it and simmer with the lid on (I use a Wok for everything of course because it is one of the best cooking implements ever invented), the eggs ideally should be a little soft but they can be cooked a little longer if preferred.

        Serve on top of some nice toasted Italian bread such as Ciabatta with olives.

        The combination of eggs, tomatoes and peas is out of this world!

        Being Korean my wife likes meat so I also cooked a dish that is sort of like a Spanish Tapas, onions cooked in olive oil with sautéed potatoes and chunks of ham.

        We had guests for dinner and I wish I had cooked even more because the plates were empty rather quickly har ha.

        Have a great day.

        The Cat

      • I havent done it a long time but i got a reciepe for crabcakes but substitute green onions with peperoncini/ minced.
        Pretty much u make the korean version of crabcakes. It gives a bit of kick to it.

      • Sounds divine. I love crab cakes.

      • fyi i got Jaime Oliver’s cooking AP on my ipod. lol

      • Yes I have seen that, I think it is rather good. I wonder if they have excerpts from the Italian programme it was in the early 2000’s the deli in question is Terroni’s here is their site Sadly my friend Joe Terroni (or Papa as I was allowed to call him) died in about 2002 and the business was sold. The web address shows the new owner’s business which I have to say is nothing whatsoever like the old one, the place looks too synthetic.

        When I shopped there no matter what the queue was like Joe use to take me round the back and we would share an Expresso and occasionally a Grappa. I would take my poor attempts at authentic Italian food for both Joe and Mama to taste and tell me how to improve and they would give me advice on how to cook Italian food ‘properly’ I had one advantage of course I was using the right ingredients (bought in Terroni’s of course har ha).

        Occasionally, too seldom sadly, Mama would give me a bowl of her homemade Tiramisu which was to die for!

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