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In New Zealand they don’t want to waste your time with flowery tales of tourist attractions and other such fluff and nonsense, they give you down to earth information you can process immediately.

Straight talking New Zealand tourist information

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18 responses to “Straight talking tourist information

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  1. Now this has to be one of my favourites 🙂

    • Love it. Especially the Poundbury ‘comment’ it could have read “ugly buildings only for the rich!” The whole development is questionable prince Charles has made a fortune developing his agricultural land in what was promised to be a scheme that would produce affordable eco-friendly housing for locals, but the locals can’t afford the damn things.

      The whole place is like some sort of awful mutant Dickensian, Chocolate box collection of the ramblings of someone who thinks that there should be very few wealthy people who occasionally dish out ‘alms’ as his equally dreadful mother does once a year on Maundy Monday.

      Of course the development made Charles even richer and the environment or the people who live in it even poorer, I have to say here that I don’t like the monarchy (you might have noticed) and prefer to live in a republic even though I am English.

      I did like the sign which announced that you were entering Connecticut and that it was the birthplace of George W. Bush, and they offered an apology. Gosh that sign could be the most common in the world if every birthplace of the ‘awful’ owned up.

      I suppose that is why I was endeared to Grantham, the birthplace of the ever awful Margaret Thatcher, they refuse to have a statue erected in the town, sadly they went down in my books when they bowed to pressure and allowed the dreadful edifice to be erected.


      I’ll stop there!

  2. btw what does bugger mean?

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