What are the English famous for?   6 comments

Yes you are right if your answer was a sense of humour!

That famous English sense of humour

But then again if you said stupidity you would also be hitting the nail right on the head!

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6 responses to “What are the English famous for?

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  1. I have think about that one..lol. Being Korean American I figure the English are famous for Rugby.

    • Some English people, usually men though not exclusively play Rugby, you can tell them by their limps in later life, just like my translator Mr. John Woodcock, but I think that the English are currently more famous for being just a little dumb, 500,000 English people using food banks while the country claims to be a rich one, but then 20&% of the people have most of the wealth. I’m English but choose to live in Europe I am ashamed of my country more often than not. If they leave the EU then I will claim asylum here in the Czech republic ;0)

      My wife is Korean so if you are anything like her then you must be one of the kindest, most patient people on the planet, do keep reading and please comment often.


      The Cat

      • I think being patient is a little beyond being Korean at times. Especially when people ask me if I am from North Korea. I was born and raised in Seoul, Korea. I live in sunny California, USA.

      • Most of my in-laws are originally from the north of Korea but moved to Russia in time to get persecuted by Stalin, my wife’s great grandfather was ‘disappeared’ for being too clever and the family had to flee in the night. As did the other side of the family, both strands of family ended up in Kkazakhstan of all places, though eventually filtering their way back to Russia, my wife’s grandmother who is just adorable lives in Novosibirsk in Siberia, others members live in Moscow and even Tashkent.

        According to them of course there is only one Korea and if that was a reality it wouldn’t have a looney Kim in charge, I know that. I think that you should tell people up front that you ‘are’ North Korean, I bet it would shut them up har ha!

        Sunny California is the place to be, I love America and the west coast especially, I worked with the animator Bill Melendez in Hollywood a few years ago, his offices are on the street where they filmed the Keystone Cops during the silent movie days. In those days I lived in the hills and was a lot browner than I am today, but one day who knows I might just go back to California and settle down, the winters here in Prague are becoming rather harsh. But the film business is thriving and recently I was asked to write an animated TV series for Russian TV which is good it is nice to be popular har ha.

        Keep in touch,

        The Cat

  2. Mmmm seen this a few times on our roads lol 🙂

    • It’s sad isn’t it. The best road markings I ever encountered were outside a school, and simply said ‘SHCOOL’ nuff said!

      Have a great weekend.


      The Cat

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