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I have a belief that all shops, supermarkets and other places of ill repute are trying as hard as they can to screw us mere consumers as often and as richly as they can. Just take a look at the ‘special’ offers advertised by supermarkets in your area.

My personal favourite is the price of Coca Cola which from week to week in supermarkets can vary in price by as much as 50% something that I believe is quite frankly dishonest and wrong.

Below is yet another example of the value that you can expect from any retail outlet.

Sale of the century England

Appalling don’t you agree?

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2 responses to “English generosity

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  1. Well that sign certainly told us LOL. I agree on the coca cola. Before I went on holiday a pack of 6 cans was selling for £3.98 this week in the same shop £2 SPECIAL OFFER. If I drank the stuff I would of brought a few packs this week 🙂

    • Good observation on the Coke, ‘special offers’ especially from supermarkets are not at all special I am afraid. Although there is also an enormous amount of dishonesty from people running corner shops. I can remember when I lived in the UK buying cans of coke which had the price printed on the side of the can and realising as I counted my change that the shopkeeper had charged me double.

      I have to say that I do drink Diet Coke or as the rest of Europe except calls it ‘Light’ Coke mainly because it has less than 1 calorie in 2 litres, I can’t abide bottled water because I don’t believe that water should be put in to plastic bottles that we can’t get rid of and usually go to land fill and then are shipped around the world, in London I have bought ‘Canadian’ Water and water bottled in Turkey for goodness sake not only that I don’t like the taste of water, I tried the ‘flovoured’ waters and then read the side of the bottles and they have vary too many calories mainly sugar. Happily here you can now get a ‘slim’ water – silly name I know, for a product that has just under 1 calorie in it.

      But going back to supermarkets, they are dreadful, they have ruined food, Tescos and a number of German supermarkets are trying to do the same here and sadly more and more rubbish, ready cooked mush and the sort of value added meals that they like to sell are arriving in the Czech republic. Even bacon which was lovely and unlike the dreadful stuff that is sold in the UK and pumped to the brim with water is starting to ooze water when you heat it in a frying pan.

      Still there is one good thing about Tescos concentrating on the Czech market and that is that the large store nearest to where I live no longer have Mouse dropping stuck to the lids of tins of Sweet Corn by Mouse urine, when I took the can to the ‘Pavelina’ in charge (note I call all Czech women ‘Pavelinas’ and all Czech men ‘Pavels,’ it keeps things simple) and asked why they were so lax about the safety of their products and customers she drew a breath to pump up her cheeks, took on an even more Bovine expression and shrugged, imagine the field day the health inspectors in the UK would have!

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