The British class system and the Royals – how mundane   6 comments

One of the Queen’s daughters is a woman called Princess Anne, who seems to be the most normal of the Queen’s offspring, she has been ‘done’ for speeding five times, she has been divorced and to her credit (something unusual for a ‘royal,’ something creditable that is) decided that when her children were born they wouldn’t have royal titles and wouldn’t be brought up in the media spotlight and eventually become the darlings or criticised by the British public.

The British media, who like to dribble and fawn over the Royal family, and have kept them in place much longer than their sell by date would usually allow, have always applauded the “brave,” “inspired,” “laudable” decision of Princess Anne’s and so I wonder why is the story below from today’s Daily Telegraph online edition is a surprise to the British media, of course the rest of Britain doesn’t give a tuppenny toss because they can’t afford to go the the races at Cheltenham they are too busy trying to make ends meet, feed their kids and pay the mortgage and could do that with the cash this silly woman shelled out on that awful purple hat I expect!

Don t you know who

Pure puerile!


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6 responses to “The British class system and the Royals – how mundane

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  1. I have to ask, what is with the Royals and their hats? When that dreadful wedding happened with Kate and her betrothed I only saw it passing as I was changing channels. Too much a media circus. I however did spot a shot with tons of hideously bad hats. Do they make it a contest of who can have the whole Ostrich on their head? or just the most outlandish?

    • It isn’t only their hats that demonstrate their lack of taste it is everything about them, they suck the toes of American financial advisers, flaunt their awful naughty bits in public while at the beach, they lie about their frugality and so much more. The best thing I ever did was leave England for a republic, here we only have one fool-in-charge! Sadly the new one we have here in the Czech republic is probably going to be as bad as the kleptomaniac we had before. But then at least they are elected all the British royals have to do is to get born!

      As for hats, I suggest you look pictures of ‘Ladies Day’ at Royal Ascot yet another horse race gathering of the entitled and royals.

      In the meantime have a great week.


      The Cat

  2. The royals are not what they were

    • They never were. Just look at the recent nonsense with the Queen being photographed in her living room with a small convection heater instead as the article quoted “a roaring log fire!” First most pensioners in the UK would be too scared even to run the small convection heater because they can’t afford the energy and secondly she was photographed in Balmoral one of ‘her’ homes and so she has to pay the fuel bills from what they laughingly call her ‘income.’

      You can bet your life that the fires in Windsor Castle are roaring just look at the last one that destroyed so many irreplaceable art treasures that the guardians of English culture – as the royals have been described decided were worth sacrificing when they didn’t install a built for purpose automated fire fighting system.

      Have a great week.


      The Cat

  3. I spent seven years doing the Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award and the Git never even shaked my hand or spoke to me at my ceremony. Jeremy Beadle handed out our awards and bless him he was fantastic. Since then not been a fan of the royals, but I must admit I do like Harry he reminds me of Fergie in her day.

    • Poor you that is disgusting, but ‘his’ actions are par for the course, talking of endeavours that the royals set up did you know that that ‘great tax payer’ Charles offsets all of the time he spends ‘working’ on the prince’s charity of his income tax against the things he dose for that charity like oh attending concerts, giving audiences and all of the other things that you and I would have to pay to be invited to attend. He and his mother are as big tax avoiders as Amazon and Apple the only difference is that you can’t get the information about their dodgy practices because they and their pals in government block freedom of information requests.

      And don’t get me started on the homes the royal mob have and get paid for. I just think about them living, not necessarily in the lap of luxury but warm and dry and think of all of the old people in the UK who are afraid to turn the heating up and perish of hyperthermia in their own homes.

      I have to say that the royal monarchy wasn’t the only reason I left England, it was probably because I lived in the middle of that awful place London for too many years, but it is nice to live in a republic an idiot is in charge for a while and if the locals don’t like what he does they ditch him, we haven’t had a her so far which is a shame on some levels but I have to shudder here when I think about women in charge because I lived through the messy thatcher years. You know that anything that is given an ‘ism’ like Communism, Nazism and indeed Thatcherism is a terrible thing. People seem to have forgotten that inflation was over 25% and every month your mortgage would increase by 15% or so.

      Rant over tee hee.

      Have a lovely weekend and don’t forget top polish your duke of Ed awards what you did was an achievement and it is no wonder the old fool didn’t congratulate you because he probably had no idea what the hell the awards or the scheme was for he would have just added his name to it.


      The Cat

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