Ugli and dirty London   2 comments

They say every picture tells a story!

Ugli and dirty London

I tend to think that this picture’s story is very accurate, London is a smelly, over crowded dirty, place that just gets worse every year.

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2 responses to “Ugli and dirty London

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  1. mmmm over the years it has improved believe it or not đŸ™‚

    • I am afraid the bit I lived in, until recentl,y just got worst. I was living in Clerkenwell and you couldn’t have a minutes’ peace from a siren night or day, mainly the police flying up and down Holborn or amublances in the street outside on their way to Mile End hospital the main casualty hospital. to say nothing of the car chase with machine guns that ended in our buildings being sprayed with semi automatic fire and a drug dealer’s Audi crashing through a public toilet and ending up in Leather Lane.

      But the main reason I fled London and England altogether was the pollution, from exhausts of in the main buses, taxis and aircraft which caused a near fatal asthma attack. My doctor said that I had been lucky and if I moved I would live longer, so sadly the sort of pollution from dirty old London was the trigger and so I moved.

      Now I live and work on a hill overlooking Prague, there is pollution down in the valley, I can see it, but it isn’t the yellow cloud of sulphur dioxide and ozone that used to be common in the summers in London. I am sure you have seen the photographs of yellow clouds clinging to Canary Wharfe the pollution here is mainly from coal fires. Mind you at the moment you I can’t see anything from the studio window here in Barrandov because the air is thick with pure white snow we have had a lot of snow this year and it has been cold. Oddly enough it is something to do with global warming! Or so some intelligent humans say.

      Thanks for your comment. I love your blog and treasure your ‘likes.’

      Have a wonderful day with the Moggies.


      The Cat

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