‘Shito,’ it’s becoming a favourite in the UK   8 comments

It s becoming the nation s favourite UK

Mmh I hear that this becoming the UK’s favourite, does anyone know what it is made of or is that from, is this something you eat? And if so are there any side effects from doing it. Obviously this clever Cat has his own ideas on the subject of Shito! And I am sure you have yours.

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8 responses to “‘Shito,’ it’s becoming a favourite in the UK

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  1. Hi Beautiful one. I think I have the information you are wondering to solve the perplexing issue of Shito. http://www.efiashito.com/whatisshito.html has information on what the item is. This site also has the ingredients that may appear in the sauce. It sounds like it may be like a bruschetta spread? Good news it has shrimp spread in it!

    • Hi Tammy, thanks for the information, sadly to me at least, being in possession of the ‘fully’ facts about Shito doesn’t make it seem any more desirable although the mention of Shrimp always makes my mouth water, hang on there must be something wrong, my mouth is watering for Shito, thank the lord for the ‘o’ that’s all I can say.

      Happy New year and Purrs,

      The Cat

      • hahhaaa… Yes the name kinda threw me for a turvey as well! I hope your new year is filled with money more money and a lots more money!!! So what does a cat need with money you say? To buy Shito of course Teehee Hugs your good friend, Tams XOXO

      • I like the idea of my New Year being “filled with money more money and a lots more money!!!” I could make my movie then, but one quick question! The money more money and a lots more money won’t be chocolate will it, I’ve hated chocolate money ever since I tried to buy a Ferrari with it and was turned away by a very confused Ferrari dealer.

        It would be great to work with you in the future even if it isn’t on the movie just yet. I promise we will get there somehow and I always keep my promises, because I always get my way, but then I am sure you have noticed that!!


        The Cat (and John)

      • Hmm. never thought of paying for things with chocolate money … gives me an idea hehehee… as for getting what you want. I have posted the link to every known celebrity that I am linked to on a few webpages. Hopefully one will just back up the project just using their notoriety is all I ask!If they want to back up with monetary as you said previously, I hope its not just Chocolate!! or Shito for that fact!! Keeping my Paws crossed for the future and the wonders it may bring. I wish you and Lena a wonderful and prosperous new year. Here’s to the 3D movie and the future of Film making!

        XOXO your loyal and devoted human.

      • So that is two good plans, chocolate currency and posting to all the celebs you know. If one of them doesn’t back the project do you think we could try the chocolate money scam? I do hope that we do it, but as I said we will think of some thing else if we fail this time, with my looks and brains and you’re….. um… being there we can’t fail – mmh that probably doesn’t sound right, but I think you know what I mean.

        I wish you and your family a really amazing ’13 – did you know that 13 is my lucky number?


        The Cat

      • 13 is a very lucky number to me as well. I play it every time I decide to play a hand at the Lottery!
        Maybe that is a great sign!

      • Sounds like a good idea. I have never played that and here it is all in Czech which makes playing anything very confusing! Good luck I will keep my claws crossed.


        The Cat

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